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rated it: posted: Nov 08, 2007
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It's not a surprise that the Balto sequels have been the source of the increasing debate amongst the Balto fans. Either you hate it or you love it, Wolf's Quest represent the hardest and most riskiest part of the trilogy, having a lot of differences with the original, but at the same time answering a lot of questions regarding the original characters.

For starters we have the immense amount of problems of the movie. The concept feels wasted and unimaginative, starting from a journey of Aleu and ending in spiritual visions and conflicts with some of the most unoriginal villains in animation. Add to this the strange inconsistencies with the original characters, including a boring version of Jenna and a Balto that again has issues with his wolf breed and the humans in the town.

Still, the movie does have his value as a worthy successor of the original Balto. By the half of the movie, everything fits together amazingly, the characters gel and finally Aleu evolves into an emphatic heroine.

Completely apart is the animation. And while the characters animation and CGI effects are your average DTV-sequel, the backgrounds and colors are truly surprising at times.

Honestly, I can say if I hate or love Wolf’s Quest. For me it's the same, and more importantly my concern it's bigger, regarding the studios who decide to make pointless sequels of classic movies (if Disney wasn't enough). And although Wolf's Quest is a masterpiece compared to the NIMH 2 or the American Tale sequels, I keep saying to myself that it keeps going on the wrong way. *POSSIBLE SPOILER: For example, the fact of making an explanation to the white wolf that appears in the original Balto, it felt almost insulting, being one of the most interesting symbols of the movie (and that should be left like that, a symbol). *END OF SPOILERS.

If I can give a recommendation, that’s simply to watch this movie. If it’s a worthy successor or not, that's something left for the viewer to decide, and as everything, will be more of a personal conclusion than anything else.

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