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Howler's Review of The Adventures of Prince Achmed

rated it: posted: Feb 11, 2006
Reviews: 5 | Fledgling Reviewer
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Definitely worth seeing if you are interested in animation from a technical and historical stand point. This film was the first full-length animated feature; it came out way back in 1926.
The animation, old as it is, really is beautiful. By using cut-out pieces of card board against a lit background the animators were able to achieve an amazing amount of detail to some of the characters; Princess Dinarsade comes to mind particularly with all those veils she wears.
However, because they are silhouettes and there are no voices it is a little hard to feel any great deal of emotion from the characters. So, Iím not sure Iíd say that time has left this film untouched; or, in any case, I wouldnít recommend it to my friends who arenít real animation buffs.
Still, I canít really criticize a film made some 80 or-so years ago for not being modern.
All in all, itís enjoyable and one of the more entertaining ways to receive a lesson in animation history.

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