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rated it: posted: Jun 08, 2006
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An enjoyable, fun series that while never reaching the levels of true greatest, is nevertheless generally and consistently good. Most of this is due in no small part to the central character. Corneil, with his dry wit and Yorkshire accent, sounds a lot like British television and comedy writer Alan Bennett and strangely the accent fits perfectly: in much the same way that Bennett himself feels like a intellectual when you hear him.

A lot of the plots tend to find some sort of conflict between Corneil and his dim-as-you-like dog-sitter Bernie, whoís almost total lack of moral fibre and indifference to most of Corneilís opinions makes him one of the better foils Iíve seen. His by-the-numbers standard cartoon teenager voice goes well with Corneilís.

Itís a good show, worth watching, just donít expect it to change you life or anything; it really just an enjoyable series, so thats the marking it'll get.

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