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rated it: posted: Mar 27, 2006
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One of the biggest flops of 1992 and one of the worse animated films ever made. Dogged with multiple problems including script changes, antagonisms between stars and directors and director with producers (see lupercalís review below).

I'll be honest it was hard watching this just in order to find a decent image to use in the profile, it was harder to actually sit down and watch it properly. Almost nothing here is likeable, the acting is wooden and you canít help but think that if you had to watch a live action-animation film, that it really should have been Roger Rabbit.

The main characters are either uninteresting or un-likeable, Harris would have been fine, but for the fact that I find Brad Pitt rather uncharismatic. Deeb has character problems in that this character doesnít have any thought behind him, his criminal history seems tacked on and pointless, since it never goes anywhere. Gabriel Byrne is wasted in a film where, for the most part, he is looking glaze-eyed at the scenery. Holli is one-dimensional, a selfish, manipulator who is just as much trash on the outside as she is inside.

Indeed there were only two characters that I enjoyed and felt any kind of emotion with. The first was Nails, whose pluckiness and neuroses made him more likeable than anyone else. The other was the bunny that loses at dice and throws a angry fit about it down at the police station, although the later has more to do with the fact that the bunny is cute.

Rotoscoping rears it ugly head once more, only this time the film seems intent on hiding it behind chaotic but pointless random animated characters running across the screen, in the hope of attraction the eye away from the main characters. This is quite a successful scheme, until you realise what itís for. The Non-rotoscoped, secondary characters are more successful and sometimes smoothly animated, but their designs are merely shadows of what Bakshi seems capable off.

Even though a studio funded this film, they still didnít seem to give Bakshi a lot of money. This shows up a great deal in the background animation, as it tends to repeat something terrible; also the backgrounds are painted on real life boards with other cardboard cut-outs for props and such. One example is when Harris parks his car the camera moves away so it disappears off camera, when the camera next sees the car, it is a cut-out. All these shortcuts wouldnít be so bad if the angles didnít blatantly show this up.

The plot is puerile and unfulfilled, with a PG-13 rating the whole premise of the film is unobtainable, the promise of the storyline is never reached in any satisfactory way. It deserves it notoriety and bad reputation, the director himself hates it and gave up animation because of it, a big warning sign if ever there was one.

If I feel the need to watch a Bakshi film, I'd stick with some of his earlier work instead.