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starlac's Review of The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

rated it: posted: Apr 26, 2006
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Having seen little if anything of the original cartoons, I canít say I have much foreknowledge on them, other that what Iíve read and heard about. Having said that when I sat down to watch this in the cinema, I was probably the most knowledgeable of the history of these characters in the entire building; and certainly the one who had the most idea of what to expect.

Rather Bad verbal and visual puns are the order of the day here, so a love of these kinds of films is therefore a strong requirement. Since Iíve enjoyed films like Airplane, Hotshots, and not to mention the Naked Gun movies, I found myself quietly enjoying this; smiling at the wordplay and sheer insaneness of the whole.

Unfortunately, semi-clever writing and bad puns canít help a film that fails on the dramatic level. There isnít a great deal of real tension here, the whole movie is geared in the heroes favour, even when the villains are supposedly winning. The plot is, frankly, irrelevant, as it is with all movies of this type.

The life-action is a mixture of cheese and dreadfulness, some of it is enjoying (the cameos mostly), most falls flat; Robert de Niro is just imitating himself once again and itís getting old. Then again Rocky and Bullwinkle themselves are fine, suiting this oddball world and its plot to a tee.

And thatís the thing, if you like these kind of movies, then this is a okay example of them. It's Not up to the three Iíve mentioned earlier, but neither is it near the worse end of the spectrum.