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starlac's Review of Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

rated it: posted: Apr 17, 2006
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Any resemblance to the literature version of Sinbad is purely coincidental. Like others said before me, this is merely Homer’s Odyssey with a character called Sinbad thrown in, with all but the sailing aspect left to connect them. Also thrown into the mix are sirens, a powerful vengeful deity and a friend in danger of losing his head if the hero neglects to returns. All in all, the film suffers from this personality problem, is it suppose to be based on the voyages of Sinbad or ancient Greek mythologies.

I’ll admit, the first time I saw this I was being openly hostile to it, the second time, I approached it with a more open mind. In reviewing it, however, I more inclined to take the view that this is a flawed film that, if you’ll excuse the pun, just manages to stay afloat.

Looking at the film, well, it is as if the production crew had been told to run this through as quickly as possible so that the studio could set its sights on the holy grail of full 3D animation. To give you some idea about what I mean, Sinbad was (I believe) released as a DTV in my Country, if this is so then obviously the distributors didn’t think much of it either.

Sinbad may be extremely close to the characters of El Dorado, but Brad Pitt lacks the charms of Kenneth and Kline, who were able to add a little spice to their characters with little inprovs. The other characters are equality forgettable, with the exception of Eris, who is the strongest villain Dreamwork’s ever managed to produce for it traditional films.

The animation is technically impressive but I can’t help but also be reminded of Dreamwork’s other films. In all The animation has gotten kind of formulaic, lupercal is right, but this is a problem that seems to plague Dreamwork’s 2D library and its gotten more pronounced the more films they made.

The 3D integration is some of the worst I’ve ever seen in a animated feature, sticking out like proverbial sore thumbs, look at me I’m computer generated. The distant Crowds are forgivable, although some of the props jar considerably. Worst are the giant monsters, who at times, seem fairly cheap and cheerfully made. The CGI Water effects, the sirens are most impressive and Eris has a intangible quality that is to be expected of chaos.

I think the absolute worse candidate for 3D character has to be that Ice Bird, a bird that can’t seem to be able to close its wings. I can’t remember a scene where it closes them, even when it’s on the ground, I know it suppose to be made of ice but when does that stop a monster created by chaos. Since when did anything chaotic follow the rules of reality.

It passes the time, but in essence it’s a weak ending to Dreamwork’s 2D line-up, but it seems that for the time being this film is that line’s end.