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rated it: posted: Dec 07, 2008
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Yep, itís another anime set in a post-apocalyptic future with cybernetics beings flying around, joy. Its also was apparently intended to be a series but never got past two episodes, which were then stitched together to make something saleable under the pretence that it was as intended.

The plot is generic mush, girl robot is found and repaired by local robot guy, who also happens to be a bounty hunter, girl robot turns out to be programmed for combat to the ninth degree and becomes a hunter herself. The girl also falls for local cute boy who dreams of getting to a better place, the city in the sky, and needs a lot of money to get there.

What it ultimately amounts to is plot exposition in-between bloody, and quick (and one-sided), battle sequences; yet nothing much at all is explained. We never find out anything about the famed city of Zalem, despite having two characters who once lived there: neither is anything ever revealed about Alitaís past. In the end the whole thing is just not that interesting because nothing of interest ever happens.

The animation is generally jerky - itís on twos and suffers from design over animation practicality - to non-existent, suggesting that it was quickly scouted through the studioís production office. Talky scenes are used to aid the length of the film through the standard static drawings with moving mouths technique (well okay it has cycles of hair movement too). The backgrounds are, of course better, but thereís no real thing that stands out, thereís no hook visually, it just looks like a generic entry in the cyberpunk anime genre.

Itís short, simple and not particularly memorable.

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