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starlac's Review of The Adventures of the American Rabbit

rated it: posted: Jun 17, 2007
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Based on a character appearing in a painting from Stewart Moskowitz and co-starring characters from some of his other paintings (Chocolate Moose, The Corporation, et al). The Adventure of the American Rabbit is, quite frankly, a dull and unexciting film. The reasons behind the films creation can be assigned to the popularity of Moskowitz’a characters in Japan, where a series of Japanese companies used various images as logos, mascots, etc. An animated version of these characters was pretty much ascertain then, given enough time.

I first saw a part of this film when a friend of mine shown me a trailer on one of his videotapes (I forget what else was on the tape), I subsequently decided to get myself a copy I sat down to watch the film. I also remember reading about it in one of my books on comics and/or animation; but it was the later that got me to get it, because it looked terrible and I’m something of a masochist when it comes to bad animation. One and a half hours later and I could only say that it wasn’t as bad as other features I’d seen, but it not something that I’d really recommend, unless you like bad films.

The main problem lies in the writing, which plods along, never gets exciting and is performed pretty much flat lined by the various voice actors - I don’t know if it is better in Japanese. The majority of the film is a road movie, with superhero heroics in-between. The animation is okay, though it looks more like a TV special/movie rather than a full fledged feature film. The soundtrack pays homage to/steals from the Superman films in the opening credits (the ones with Christopher Reeve), the rock music numbers help to make the film somewhat more entertaining, but the music is otherwise unspectacular and instantly forgettable, adding little to the whole.


The story flip flops from a superhero flick, to a road movie and never picks up until the ending, where the extortion plot at the beginning makes way for a dictator and a “Doomsday Switch.” Even still, without any obvious weaknesses – ever Superman has Kryptonite – it a foregone conclusion who will win out in the end. Yet with much better superhero films and TV shows out there - animated or otherwise, American Rabbit is scrapping the bottom of the preverbal barrel.


The Adventures of the American Rabbit is a strange little piece of animation history, one wonders why anyone thought that it was fit for the big screen. The whole film just is terrestrial, by-the-numbers sort of thing, hampered by boring dialogue, forgettable characters and TV-quality animation. As it stands I can’t really recommend it, though it's a tad better than a few other films I seen of late.