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rated it: posted: Mar 24, 2006
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This characteristically bizarre Svankmajer film is reminiscent of a slapstick silent; this is reinforced by the fact that the hero rarely looks more than slightly bemused by the goings on. But instead of a series of comedic mishaps, the hapless protagonist is subjected to a long string of cruel pranks played on him by the flat, like Charlie Chaplin's nightmares or some kind of sadistic video game. There are also echoes of the Greek myth of Tantalus, whose punishment in the underworld was to be placed near food that always moved away from him.

Not only does the room appear to actually be alive, but it also seems as if it can change shape. Using sequences of close-up shots Svankmajer creates the illusion of a room that's smaller than it actually is; these morphs in space are reflected in the music, which is sometimes comical, sometimes hellishly frantic.

short film The Flat © Krátký Film Praha
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The Flat
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