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Neil's Review of The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina

rated it: posted: Nov 03, 2005
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This movie from Hyperion Animation (who gave us the much better Brave Little Toaster) is easy on the eyes - the backgrounds have a pleasing Tim Burtonesque feel, and the character designs are fairly imaginitive - but is badly lacking in pretty much every other area.

The story is a fast-and-loose adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's Thumbelina (despite the title, it has almost nothing to do with the Grimms' Tom Thumb besides the presence of the title character); Thumbelina is now a spunky all-American teenager who happens to be three inches tall - although, since the animals are so heavily characterised, she comes across more as an ordinary-sized person in a land of monsters. That's just one sign of how badly thought-out the film is. The structure is tight - even if it falls to pieces towards the end - but that can't save it from the flat writing and overall lack of imagination.

Shame, really; it had the potential to be quite good.