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rated it: posted: Jan 13, 2012
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I am afraid I am in the minority when it comes to reviewing this series.

I have to admit i have only seen the first 56 episodes but I think thats enough to get an idea of a series.

Whilst the animation was top notch I found some of the episodes were just filler. ( I mean did anybody care about sid the squid) what I mean is some of batman's rogue gallery only had 2 epsiodes e.g The Riddler and Clayface whats up with that?

Speaking of Clayface (spoiler warning) didnt Batman ultimatly kill him? As he turned the experiment off before it was finished. I know they were using stolen chemicals but batman could of waited til after the experiment to make his move.

Though I must admit I do love The Jokers and Harley Quinns relationship and both their voice actors are top notch I cant imagine anyone else.

All in all a good series but you might be finding yourself skipping some episodes.

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