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rated it: posted: Aug 14, 2006
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I think I probably saw a couple re-runs of Casper shorts growing up, but nothing that stuck in my mind... so I came to this movie without any real reference to the original short films.

I remember when this came out that I enjoyed it a great deal. It was funny, feel good and even a little touching in places. The animation was very impressive for its day and the live action actors do a good job.

I do however remember being a touch confused trying to figure out how old Casper was supposed to be... his character design doesn't provide any clues, so it was a touch odd when he would flip-flop between seeming very young and innocent... like maybe seven or eight years old... to being romantically jealous of the boy Kat likes... kid-jealous I could get--this is his first friend decades... but the romantic angle seemed a bit odd.

At any rate, that's the only real flaw I found with the story and it's a fairly minor one at that. All in all this was a fun, enjoyable film.

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