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rated it: posted: Jan 21, 2007
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If you're looking for the animation quality and visuals of the original Atlantis, you're pretty much guaranteed to be disappointed. This is not the best work animation-wise for Disney's DTV department.

If however you can accept this as the first three episodes of the "Atlantis" Saturday morning cartoon series, (which I believe is what might have been intended), it's actually pretty good. The DTV is split into three distinct episodes--searching for a sea monster called the Kraken, discovering the secret of the sandstorm coyotes and retrieving a magic spear from some crazy ex-CEO who thinks he's the Norse god, Odin. Milo, Kida and the Atlantis team become almost like those 'meddling kids' from Scooby Doo (complete with six-legged lava mutt) as they hunt down various monsters and mythic beings. Of course, instead of the answer to all their mysteries being a guy in a rubber mask, it's some element of Atlantis.

I actually found the Atlantis team more enjoyable on this outting as well--everyone had something to contribute which made them feel a lot less like a motley crew of tag-alongs. Even Mole became less of a strange little wart and more of a useful character, using his knowledge of the earth to save the team's skin on more than one occasion.

So, all in all, better than I expected. I think if you liked the characters from the original movie, you might actually enjoy this.

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Atlantis: Milo's Return
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