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Pre-2011 and 2015 Pixar, Studio Ghibli, Richard Williams and some of the work of Madhouse


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animated movie Mune: Guardian of the Moon © Onyx Films / Orange Studio / Kinology / ON Animation Studios
Mune: Guardian of the Moon
Rated it: 2.5
posted: Jun 29, 2016
Mune is one of the strangest animated projects ever churned out by the French, and not at all in the usual way. Its ambitions show, boasting a colorful, dazzling world of ideas unlike anything conceived by modern Hollywood animation, but it overindulges in these ambitions and ideas without making way for storytelling along these lines.

The titular character and his life's duties strike as familiar and problematic enough; he is given this name before he knows what occupation he's set himself up in. His plucky love interest and "ladies' man" sidekick can't help but end up as outdated, sexist sterotypes (case in point: the classic eyelash flutter), and all the villains fall under nearly every animated villain trope in the book. C2C's "Happy" also has a place on the soundtrack to make sure the film is as profitable as possible. How can a film this visually inspired blow its chance to be as original as it looks this hard?

On the bright side, the film occasionally makes use of its visual creativity just as well as it should, with some much-needed captivation to boot and some absolutely stunning hand-drawn animation sequences. However, it's an European Book of Life - a film that strives to accomplish rare feats in CG animation but does not take enough time to avoid the kind of clichés and narrative issues bound to water it down. No wonder it was the only film at the festival I had seen that nobody applauded.

animated movie Yogi Bear © Warner Bros.
Yogi Bear
Rated it: 1
posted: Jul 26, 2015
It ain't the worst of the barf bags this trend has churned out over the past 21 years, but the first third sure as heck comes close. What, with Dan Aykroyd's Yogi shaking his tail to M.C. Hammer and discussing urination, of course. If Joseph Barbera knew better, he'd be spinning in his grave.
animated movie Wreck-It Ralph © Disney
Wreck-It Ralph
Rated it: 2
posted: Jul 26, 2015
It's certain you may have loved this the time it came out. I know I did. But having watched it again this year, I found myself barely laughing. Not a good idea at all. While the title character is an easily sympathetic lug and the nostalgia is sure to make geeks giddy, the movie wastes its own world on candy-coated Mario Kart.

Even worse, it's Disney's attempt at being as hip as everyone else inspired less by Pixar than they have been DreamWorks - spoken toilet jokes, the "big, grumpy guy relying on a young'un to get better at living" story, pop culture references and product placement, even when done as satire, all feel eerily out of place in a film by the same studio we know for creating Snow White.

Combine all that with a dash of mean spirit and you've just realised you've been loving the weakest WDAS production since Chicken Little. I hope they do more with the Game Central Station in the sequel, otherwise executive producer John Lasseter's not as much Walt Disney as he thinks he is.

animated movie Antz © Dreamworks / PDI
Rated it: 3.5
posted: Mar 28, 2010
This was the beginning of the war between Disney/Pixar and DreamWorks/PDI; A Bug’s Life and this film were released in the same year. And do you know what? I actually think DreamWorks won this time. It may be quite creepy for the kids, not saying that it is strictly for kids, but I prefer it to A Bug’s Life. A Bug’s Life was very good, but I don’t see how a blue/purple bug with big eyes and the number or arms and legs of a human could be considered an ant, even in a cartoon. The ants in this film look politically correct!

The animation is great for its time, the humour is superior to A Bug’s Life, even if it’s more adult, and it has Sylvester Stallone! It’s a shame that the writer of this film had to end his career by directing New Moon, though. It seems that this is DreamWorks’ most underrated film ever – people don’t really like it as much as the critics. But in my humble opinion, this one of their best, and it’s the best thing about bug wars since the Worms franchise.

animated movie Metropolis © Madhouse Productions
Rated it: 4
posted: Mar 28, 2010
So you’re probably wondering. Is Max out of his mind? Does he really think this film that carries a bland plot, bland characters and a jarring combination of CGI and anime is that good? Better than anything Hayao Miyazaki has done except Spirited Away? Yes! Rintaro’s vision of Osamu Tezuka’s version of Metropolis is probably the 6th best animated film I've ever seen!

This is either a love-or-not-like film, but alongside James Cameron, Roger Ebert and plenty of anime fans, I thought this movie was amazing. Not just because of the visuals, but it was heartfelt, touching and powerful, and carried a great choice of jazz-style music to give it that retro feel.

The story may be familiar, not only borrowing from both the Lang and Tezuka Metropolises but films like Citizen Kane, Dr. Strangelove, Artificial Intelligence and Blade Runner, but I consider it to be an anime tribute to great cinema. I strongly reccomend this underrated masterpiece, even if you might think it’s overrated.

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