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animated movie Fantasia 2000 © Disney
Fantasia 2000
Rated it: 1.5
posted: May 25, 2009
Why would anyone go and continue a failed concept. Maybe this time is better, Nope.
This feels manufactured, at least the first one had heart (and was at the time untried) this one feels like a mechanical reproduction of the first one only the copy machine had some quirks while printing.
To start with the music is all over the place, there really is no consideration for the entire theme of the music selection. Pomp and Circumstance? Really? OK ... wait with Donald Duck? Noah's Ark, too?
definitely did not step back for a minute to see what they were creating.
Then theres the live action bits. Steve Martin is corny. Penn and teller do what they do, the other's i dont even care. whatever. Its all in an attempt to keep waking you up during the movie.
The animation is again really well done. Looks fantastic, except for the toy soldier bit. supposedly this section predates toy story at being all cg, i dunno. I understand that its a toy but when hes going through all of the parts to get back hes extremely emotionless. its all in the eyes but you cant see the eyes so its takes a boring movie and makes it worse.
If you really want to punish yourself in the new millennium then by all means watch this Fantasia as well.
1.5 for effort.
animated movie Fantasia © Disney
Rated it: 2
posted: May 24, 2009
Kind of a chore to sit through. The animation and visual quality of the film are top notch. The live action bits are ...well informative.
Its a technical film, it does not hold up well and shows its age.
On a side note with a little research the version that most everyone probably watched is not the same presented originally. cuts damaged sound and so on plagued this film.

Also the one thing that bothers me is the blatant racist character that really seems so outta place in the centaur prepping scene(cut/framed out in re-releases, catch it on the internet). She has no real reason to be there and is only seen in three shots. And the centaurs are all kinds of different colours. i would've liked to seen the conversation about drawing that scene. truly a black spot on the Disney corporate image.

animated movie Toy Story 2 © Pixar
Toy Story 2
Rated it: 4
posted: May 24, 2009
It's the Godfather 2 of Pixar. Some will say Toy Story is better others will say Toy Story 2 is better. Either way you would be a fool to skip this sequel.

great acting
great animation
amazing visuals
Randy Newman? :| , actually strangely his songs work well. i now cant imagine a toy story without randy.

animated movie Watership Down © Nepenthe Productions
Watership Down
Rated it: 3.5
posted: May 24, 2009
the prologue was cute but weird, like it belonged but was not exactly necessary. Its a great story with decent-good animation. Its a little brutal at times so definitely watch it yourself before showing kids this movie. Overall its an animated film that does not bore and keeps you hooked till the very end.
oh yeah, i dint like the bird so much. But he does not detract from the movie. Probably adds a lil humor in an otherwise darker tale.
animated movie Animal Farm © Halas & Batchelor
Animal Farm
Rated it: 3
posted: May 24, 2009
Have not read the book, I liked the film.
The most memorable part is what happens to the horse. A little brutal at times, but its offscreen. Decently animated and had me hooked till the end, incidentally not a bad ending, i just wonder how it ended in the book compared to the film, seems a little out of place with the rest of the movie.
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