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eskimo bob

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flash animation Arj and Poopy © unknown
Arj and Poopy
Rated it: 1.5
posted: Apr 09, 2007
Animation quality is excellent, sound isn't bad. There's an occasional joke that I do get a chuckle out of, but it's usually drowned out by poor follow up attempts and attempts to drag things out too far. It does almost everything right, great animation, easy to remember theme song, but the poor humor in what's meant to be a funny series ruins it.
flash animation Angry Kid © Aardman
Angry Kid
Rated it: 1.5
posted: Apr 09, 2007
The quality has me very impressed, but that's about it. They almost get me to the point where I'd laugh, but I never quite get there. They seem like they would fit well as shorts between shows on a TV station though.
flash animation Animutations © unknown
Rated it: 2
posted: Apr 09, 2007
Quality is poor, and nothing is original. But that doesn't make them any less funny. They're something to watch laugh at, then show a few friends and leave them either laughing or confused as well. These were pretty big on the net at one time, and they're still good for a laugh. The lack of quality and randomness may put some people off, but it'll keep others rolling on the floor.
flash animation Eskimo Bob © unknown
Eskimo Bob
Rated it: 4
posted: Apr 09, 2007
The animation style is simple, yet very smoothly done, and definitely original. The sound recording quality is probably some of the best I've seen, despite the simplistic graphics. It was one of the pioneers in making web flash cartoons popular, and still a must see series. The more you see of it, the more you like it.