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animated movie The Triplets of Belleville © Les Armateurs
The Triplets of Belleville
Rated it: 4
posted: Feb 12, 2004
Words can't even describe this movie. I've finally gotten to see it, and it's hard not to spoil the fun in the review. So I'll just leave you with some advice.

Go watch it. Now.

holiday animation Jack Frost © Rankin-Bass
Jack Frost
Rated it: 4
posted: Dec 05, 2003
Not so much as entirely Christmas as plain winter special, this is my favorite of the Rankin-Bass collection. Like Rudolph, Jack Frost feels a bit out of place and lonely at his winter workplace, especially when he falls in love with a village girl. He gets to have a trial run of being human, just to be saddened when he doesn't get his dream girl. I don't know whether or not I can just relate better to Jack's situation, or if it's because it's not as cutsey, but I seem to like this special the most.
animated movie The Land Before Time © Don Bluth / Amblin
The Land Before Time
Rated it: 3.5
posted: Dec 05, 2003
Gah, too short! As soon as they reach that darn valley, you're aching for more!

Ahem. Still, an awesome movie. Tons of little kids loved dinosaurs, and that love is nice and safely tucked away in us. This movie triggers it, in my opinion. Dinosaurs and dinosaur behavior, such as the migration to the Great Valley, is really fascinating. Maybe it's because they aren't around anymore, who knows?

Don Bluth's pretty, warm fuzzy feeling use of colors is evident, and even if these dinosaurs are stuck in horrible scenery, the colors work with the film.

Anywho, to unleash that first grader in you that liked to look for bones, go watch this movie if you have some free time and want a nice, happy feeling afterwards.

animated series Kim Possible © Disney
Kim Possible
Rated it: 3.5
posted: Dec 05, 2003
Kim Possible's a good one, all right. And the greatest thing is that is isn't spawned from a Disney movie. All righty, the basics. A high school girl lives the normal life, until she gets a weird message on the web. Faster than a beeper page, she becomes the secret agent Kim Possible, and along with her pal Ron Stoppable, and his naked mole rat, Rufus, they go and fight bad guys.

It sure as hell seems a bit more original than some other teen cartoons/shows. A lot of the characters are really funny, including the villains. A lot of it puts a humorous spin on pop culture, which I like. And the art is nice and smooth, so your eyes won't want to hide in your sockets after five minutes.

The only thing I found wrong with the show was the main character, Kim. Sorry, but her character seems so... perfect. And stereotypical. I mean, she's a pretty cheerleader, deals with her brothers, acts like social life is everything, etc. Sorry, but a lot of teen girls actually don't think like that. I should know! ^_^ Other than that one flaw though, this is a gem, and that's rare in Disney nowadays.

And yes, it is a naked mole rat.

animated movie The Nightmare Before Christmas © Disney
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Rated it: 4
posted: Oct 20, 2003
My favorite animated film, and will probably stay that way forever. This movie is so disturbing, yet so wholesome, it's good. The music, the animation, the characters, settings. It's all just breathtaking to look at. The Halloween world is dark, twisted, with weird, twisted perspectives, making it look like it came out of the latest issue of JTHM. The real world looks normal, with some conformist houses, kids, etc. And Christmastown is bright, cheerful. It's great to watch when Jack goes into these different places, and how much he's in contrast with them. Anywho, it's good to watch all year long if you want. I know I do.
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