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About me:

I'm a Freelancing illustrator, AM Alumni, kitty lover, nerdy trekkie, fantasy freak & all around weirdo.


Drawing, web design, animals, animation, cats, movies, computers, nature, etc etc etc

Animation that I love:

Balto, Lion King, Iron Giant, Titan A.E., Road to Eldorado, Bambi, Emporer's New Groove ^^

I've got a ton more but I just don't feel like listing them all! lol



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animated movie Wreck-It Ralph © Disney
Wreck-It Ralph
Rated it: 3.5
posted: Dec 15, 2012
Wreck-it Ralph was great! The trailers really didn't grab my attention, but once I heard friends and other people I follow online saying how great it was I decided to give it a go.

I enjoyed all the characters, the story, the music, and the visuals. It was very entertaining. Thereís plenty of funny spots but they were balanced out well with emotion. Itís another movie where I could really feel for the characters, they all had a lot of depth. The music was awesome, I really liked it, there were a couple popish songs I didnít like but meh I donít care, the score makes up for those. I even admit I liked Owl Cityís song and the Skrillex song even. :X

The character designs were really great, and each ďgameĒ had awesome settings. The Candy Racers game looked sweet, literally, and the contrast between each game was done really well. The story was interesting, it was a ďbuddyĒ movie, and they got the bond between characters down really well.

Overall just a good, fun movie. I donít really have a whole lot more to say about it. I will be getting this one Blu Ray too when it comes out.

animated movie Rise of the Guardians © Dreamworks
Rise of the Guardians
Rated it: 3.5
posted: Dec 15, 2012
So I decided to go see this one. To be honest I thought it was going to be kind of lame since it has, well, the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause and I have yet to see a ďcoolĒ movie with them, but this one was. They broke the stereotype Santa movie for me. Bravo Dreamworks.

This film is good, really good. I loved the characters, the music, the visuals, even the story.
For once I actually could get attached to the characters, which is something most animated films donít do well for me. The characters were all interesting, and although I think itíd be really cool to have seen more back story on all of them, they were all likeable. Maybe they want to make shorts or something to explain the back stories of the others, I donít know, but they left that open for something like that.

Anywho, the music of this movie is really epic. Itís very rich and has a lot of depth, Iím not a big fan of the operatic song at the end but it fits the whole musical theme I suppose.
The visuals on this film are stunning! So much detail and wonderful character designs. It was uber eye candy, I would definitely recommend seeing it in theaters. I didnít see it in 3D since Iím cheap and hate doubling up on glasses, but it probably looked even nicer. I will definitely get this one on Blu Ray.

animated movie Shrek Forever After © Dreamworks / PDI
Shrek Forever After
Rated it: 2.5
posted: Aug 17, 2011
I really had lost hope for this series with the 3rd movie. It was pretty bad in my opinion. This last film was alright, I could at least enjoy watching it. It did however lose it's "Shrek" feel and was more focused on its message of, 'cherish what you have now cause you don't know what you really have till it's gone'.

The animation is great like all the others, so is the voice acting. All the characters were well done, it was kind of cool to see them in an "alternate" reality. Which is the only thing that really saved this film from me giving it a lower rating. The story was pretty predictable, but I found it much more enjoyable than the 3rd. The score is bland and a re-run of all the other films and some new songs which... were just as blah.

If you like Shrek, give it a go, if you don't, well you probably won't like it that much. I was, sadly, happy to see this was the last Shrek movie. The series has steadily gone downhill and although this one brought it up just a little, it really can't compare to the original at all and the story is just getting worn out.

animated series Batman: The Animated Series © Warner Bros. / Sunrise
Batman: The Animated Series
Rated it: 4
posted: Aug 17, 2011
I loved this series growing up. It was one I would watch religiously. Great stories, excellent characters and voice acting. The animation is very good, even the music is enjoyable. The stories are darker than most animated cartoons, but it still balances in a decent amount of humor to lighten it. Great series, one I'm going to try and get on DVD sometime.
animated movie Toy Story 3 © Disney / Pixar
Toy Story 3
Rated it: 3
posted: Aug 16, 2011
It was good, I enjoyed it, but itís still not going to top the first one in my opinion, but that could just be because I'm biased towards the first one. It's nostalgic for me. Something was missing to this sequel, though can't really put my finger on it, and I donít think there was a enough Buzz time.

It kinda felt like they tried to cram too much into one movie and were running out of time near the end of it. The animation, the music, and everything is really good. It is a worthy sequel, but I still just prefer the original.

The new characters were alright, but as I said above it felt like they crammed too much new into this. It had a good story, good moral and all that though. It's nice most the original cast was in it too. Maybe if I watch it again I might change my opinion, but for now that's where it stands.

I do recommend renting it and if you're Toy Story fan get it on DVD, it is worth it.

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