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animated movie Persepolis © Bibo Films
Rated it: 3
posted: Jan 29, 2008
I saw this movie more or less by the middle of 2007 and I must say it was a powerful film to me. I was surprised by it. It's a very different story to those I am more used to watching.
First, it is about a real life person's life. This made me feel almost like it was a documentary spoken in the first person. The main characters are so very human (good and bad, which is a big difference in comparison to other less personal films. The protagonist, Marjene, is a girl (then woman) who just has problems in her life but can only do so much to overcome them, yet she does what she can (not avoiding making mistakes in that process).
Also the animation was pretty good for a relatively low budget. The black and white suits the movie well.
I couldn't tell you whether the voice acting was good because I saw it in Spanish (and it was OK), but I don't know if the English version will have the same treatment.
Overall, I'd recommend watching this movie to everyone who is interested in people from a part of the world that are only seldom portrayed in animation.
animated series Drawn Together © Comedy Central
Drawn Together
Rated it: 2.5
posted: Feb 06, 2007
"Drawn Together" isn't a bad show, but it's definetly not for anyone. This is easily one of the most offensive cartoons to date. If you can handle that, you may find it amusing and funny. The characters' voices are excellent, so is the animation. Personally, I enjoy the series, but keep in mind that I am not easily offended (from the second season onwards this show goes to the extreme, even more than Ren&Stimpy for example).
animated series Dragon Ball Z © Toei Animation
Dragon Ball Z
Rated it: 1
posted: Feb 06, 2007
"Dragonball Z" might be one of Japan's most well known and famous animés, but I believe that its reputation is overrated, even for its time. There are a number of aspects I could cover in order to explain why I don't like it. The never ending, ever growing power of the characters. The weak plots don't help either. And the insanely ridiculous fights are also another reason not to watch it. Also, if you haven't seen it, you'll need to see "Dragonball" first in order to understand "Dragonball Z".
My advice: don't bother watching this.
animated series Downtown © MTV
Rated it: 4
posted: Jan 22, 2007
I too, as the previous reviewers, mourn the lost of this outstanding series which only lasted 13 episodes. I watched them all and I truly felt like MTV was nuts when they cancelled it, while worse stuff like "MTV's Daria" outlived it. My recommendation: try to find a copy of the whole series, it's worth it.
animated series Doug © Disney / Nickelodeon
Rated it: 3
posted: Jan 22, 2007
Doug (the one from Nickelodeon) was an very good series. It was the first time I heard the voice talent of Billy West. The stories were meant to teach morals. And it was fun too, it was like nothing I'd seen before.
Now Disney's Doug start out where Nick's left. And it was a product of inferior quality. Many original voices were replaced and much of the charm of the original was lost.
4 stars from the original + 2 from Disney's gives an average of 3 stars.
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