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I'm an anmiation/media studies geek from Germany.

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Antz, The Beauty and the Beast, A Goofy Movie, The Rescuers Down Under, The Incredibles, Corpse Bride, WALL-E



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animated movie Rio © Blue Sky
Rated it: 1.5
posted: Oct 12, 2011
Isn't it interesting how different persons see the same movie in a whole different light? You just need to compare the ratings of Toonboy and Starlac with my own. But hey, this is what spices up the life!
RIO was utterly disappointing. I mean, this is the movie that stole the idea for NEWT from Pixar and all they came up with is a lame paint-by-numbers-affair with roughly three good jokes for the entire running time and some of the worst songs on this side of THE QUEST OF CAMELOT?
Blu and Jewel are unintersting characters, most of the so-called gags are just painful and the dog is more than a little disturbing. I was hoping for a little gem like, let's say CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE FOR MEATBALLS (the design of the human characters, especially Linda, even suggests such a comparison), mainly because the Trailer made RIO looked like a colorful, fun way to spend 1 1/2 hours. It's colorful, yes, the technical side of the movie is pleasant to watch and you see that the animators studied their protagonist's real life-counterparts very well (look at Blu's movements when the walks or climbs - terrific!), but the screenplay is boring and has no real clue how to handle all the things it wants to address - living in the favelas, smuggling of exotic aniamls, the breeze of Rio complete with the jungle setting and - most important - the love betwenn Blu and Jewel, which never feels real or unforced. Watch MEGAMIND instead if you want to see a good animated romance.
So, 1 1/2 stars for the nice look, the good animation and the few nice touches (like the switching between Blu's dialogue and his "real" animal sounds) and, on the other hand, the lazy screenplay, the horrible songs and the unintersting characters. Sorry, Blue Sky, no masterpiece. Again.
animated movie Megamind © Dreamworks / Red Hour Films
Rated it: 3
posted: Dec 10, 2010
To quote Metro Man from this movie: "Oh yeah! Put your hands in the air!"

MEGAMIND is a pleasant suprise. Not quite as suprising as, let's say, CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, but it's not the matter when you're leaving the theatre with such a big grin on your face as I did a few hours ago. I keep humming 'Highway to Hell'...
DreamWorks latest effort is not as visually stunning or well-written as their last take on animation, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, but its still a lot of fun. And I stress that, I know. It's not laugh-aloud funny all the time, but it's worth a lot of chuckles and even more smiles. And the 'retro' soundtrack is well chosen. It suits the whole feel of the movie way better than any of those 'modern' pop-rock songs could have managed.
The animation is clear and it's pretty obvious that the design team of MONSTERS VS. ALIENS also worked on this one. Especially the look of the female characters give them away. But it improves above the former movie by making things more easy on the eyes. While I had to get used to Susan's design I don't have any problems with Roxanne.
So, MEGAMIND is fun. Right. But it also has a scene that reminded me why I love animation and its possibilities to move me so much. I won't spoil the experience of watching the film for all who haven't seen it. Let's just say it takes place during a rain shower, it's very dark and delievers an emotional impact that's capable of bringing tears to your eyes. It doesn't need many words, it lets the art of animation and the emotions of the characters speak for themselves. It's moving and important to make Megamind something more than just a goofy supervillain.
MEGAMIND is far from being DreamWorks best effort. But it's way better than SHARK TALE or MADAGASCAR (even tough the director of the is the same). Visit a theatre, watch the life of a blue alien, and leave it with a big smile on your face, 80s heavy metal in your ear and warmth in your heart.

animated movie Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole © Warner Bros. / Village Roadshow Pictures / Animal Logic
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole
Rated it: 2.5
posted: Oct 19, 2010
I highly anticipated this movie. First, it stars owls, my favourite breed of birds. Second, it was made by ANIMAL LOGIC whose work on HAPPY FEET got me hooked up on them. Third, it had some really breathtaking and beautiful trailers. I even bought the album by 30 SECONDS TO MARS just for the song KINGS AND QUEENS since they used it so darn well in the trailers.
The movie itself ... well, it's indeed strange in a good way but the amazing visuals can't live up to the rather uninteresting story. There's nothing special about it, the subtext is much more interesting than the actual storyline. For example, it's again a fine example of creating an 'animal society' while staying true to basics of the creatures used. Thank god the owls don't use their wings to build or hold things.
As for the often-mentioned violence ... I can't really comment on this one since the movie was edited here in Germany. Three (!) minutes went to the cutting floor so the movie could be rated the german equivalent of PG. Otherwise it would have been PG-13 and animated films rated this high traditionally don't do very well at the german box office. For the most time it was done very flawless except for the final battle where you notice that something is missing. So, for the german audience this will come across as realtivly tame. I guess I'll edit my review when I have the chance to get my hands on the unedited DVD.
LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS is an entertaining but unoriginal fable with some of the finest CGI animation that has ever glanced the screen. Even though Zack Snyder's direction is annoying (STOP THESE SLOW-MOs!) and this is defininatly not a sucess like HAPPY FEET (which was kinda unfair used in the promotion), it's still worth a look. I didn't bothered to watch the 3-D-Version but I guess it's as pretty as the 2-D-Version if they got the dimness-problem right this time (I'm looking at you, PIXAR).
If there's ever gonna be a sequel - count me in.
animated movie Despicable Me © Universal / Illumination Entertainment
Despicable Me
Rated it: 3
posted: Oct 04, 2010
It's CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS all over again -- an animated movie that takes its chances with telling a zany story while staying true to basic emotional responses. It's fresh and familiar at the same time and, as it was put in some reviews on the 'net, "has the heart at just the right place".
DESPICABLE ME is nowhere nearly as dramatic as TOY STORY 3, thus representing lighter entertainment, but it's definatly more fun than the lastest SHREK installment. Like I said, it's taking its chances. The plot about Gru wanting to become the greatest supervillain of all time by shrinking the moon and stealing it is downright weird - just like food raining from the sky... But in the course of the film it almost becomes an afterthought since the movie as well as the audiece are more interested in seeing Gru and the three little girls bond. It's adorable to see these four characters developing a father/offspring realtionship without becoming too sentimental and sugar-coated. It feels true and that's how all relationships (animated or otherwise) should do.
There are some scenes in this movie that made me laugh aloud. It's not a laugh riot la MONTY PYTHON's best skits, but it's amusing all the way thru. Oh, and they didn't gave away the best material in the advertising, don't worry about that. There are sight gags, slapstick and some more mature material (*cough* Bank of Evil *cough*).
DESPICABLE ME is a pleasant suprise, a crazy script with a strong heart and lively animation. I'm looking forward for more from the creative team that gave us Gru, his minions and the girls.
animated movie Mary and Max © Melodrama Pictures
Mary and Max
Rated it: 4
posted: Sep 02, 2010
Athena and Lupercal said everything that is to say about this little gem of a movie so I won't steal too much of your time with my rambling.
I had to drove two hours to see this movie since there aren't many cinemas in Germany that show this kind of stuff -- animation for adults that is. But I can call myself lucky since 9 was shown in only one cinema in the whole country for about two weeks or so and then heading straight to DVD. So much background information about how animation is treated in this country, as long as it hasn't the Disney or DreamWorks label attached.
But MARY AND MAX was worth it. After seeing HARVIE KRUMPET at an open air event in the summer of 2010, I longed for MARY AND MAX to arrive. Again, it was worth the wait. This is such a sweet, bitter, hilarious and thought provoking movie that I'm running out of phrases to describe it. Anyone who's interested in animation taking a different direction than the average funny family film should find a way to see Elliot's latest film. Film? I'm with Lupercal here: masterpiece.
Enough rambling. Go see it. Now.
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