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lonely_princess' Review

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posted: Sep 20, 2013
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I have to admit this is my faverite disney sequal as it stands shoulder to shoulder with its predecessor.

Animation wise this is fairly detailed but being direct to video itds not as good as its parent film.

But music wise theres a few enjoyable songs.
the only problem i have with the movie is the charecer changes such as why is Simba so horrible in this film and why did they change the cub into a girl as it contradicts the ending to the first film.

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Vulpecula's Review

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posted: Feb 15, 2013
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The mid to late 1990's started this whole fad of direct-to-video sequels, which none of them are interested and the only ones who'd want them are either the kiddies or the die-hard fans who want to see a new adventure starring their favorite characters.

The most overrated flick, The Lion King, was successful enough to warrant a sequel, a boring direct-to-video one at that, in tradition to Disney's way of making sequels to their animated features during those years. The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride takes place some time after The Lion King, where Simba claimed the throne and Nala gave birth to his cub. Apparently, the characters haven't changed much since we last seen them in the first film.

As much as I dislike the characters, at least the film shows that Kiara is Simba's cub and not that little hairbutt known as Kopa from the Lion King: Six New Adventures books. God, I hate Kopa. He looks like the boring, cliche, same-o, male protagonist stereotype (a.k.a. Sora from Kingdom Hearts) in contrast to Kiara's rebellious girl self, and he would grow up to be much stronger and fatter than Simba himself, knowing how Kopa has some of Mufasa's similarities and physical traits. Not only that, but Simba is such an overprotective dad when it comes to Kiara. He did not let her befriend Kovu or even learn on her own. I'm guessing that Simba inherited his authoritarian style of parenting and overprotective-ness from his father (Mufasa was also authoritarian).

The other characters aren't really interesting much, either. Kovu is your typical 'heel face turn' character (or the bad boy you certainly don't want your daughter dating nor hanging out with) which gets boring for a while when the trope is used from story to story over and over again. Vitani was the typical bad girl, Nuka was annoying and Zira was downright cruel (even though Scar was worse).

The only good thing about The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride? It lacks Shenzi, Banzai and Ed. They were a bad representation of their real species (enough that even a researcher who studies real spotted hyenas actually sued Disney for that) and were horrible characters overall. The trio were originally going to be Zira's minions, but the idea was scrapped and Zira's minions end up being an outlander pride of lions (including Kovu, Vitani and Nuka), instead. Probably because the hyenas devoured and eaten Scar because of his treachery against them. While the hyenas did not appear, they were mentioned by Nuka, one of Zira's lions, who says that the Elephant Graveyard has become creepy since the hyenas ran off. It is possible that the hyenas he mentioned were not Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, but several unnamed hyenas since hundreds were shown during "Be Prepared", and only some of them (Shenzi, Banzai and Ed among them) were sent to the lower area where they eat Scar, their former boss, and could possibly have been consumed by the flames, and those who didn't fall below presumably returned to the Elephant Graveyard and later "ran off". Which I can hope that Shenzi, Banzai and Ed have died for good.

Even though, it's still a bad film because, well, it's still Lion King.

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tlkgirl98's Review

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posted: Nov 05, 2011
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why can so many people hate this flim ? in my opion , it's the best lion king movie. i like kiara and kovu. but the only thing i dislike is simba being overprotective. sure , it had a couple of flaws , but it was still better then most disney sequels.

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posted: Jul 16, 2010
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-Spoilers, they be in here-
Many people will/or/won't agree with me, but This movie wasn't very good. It turned bad once you see Kiara, the female-addition. Now don't get me wrong, I'm glad they had a some-what strong female character for the lead, but Disney now is making them weak. (Example, Kiara)
Her character was little progressed and I would have prefered if they kept Kopa.

Timon and Pumba are still in the movie yes, but they don't show much, and seem to just be pests in here.

The songs weren't very good in my opinion, they just didn't song well, or have too much meaning.
Simba also changed very much, while many people will say; "Oh he just got older" well in the first movie, you see him still young(er?) and has the cub at the end of the first movie. Point there, now moving on.

Nala, the mother of Kiara, is now not much screentime. She's more like the background now. Sure, they /tried/ to show some "spice" from the first movie (Nala still pinning Simba down) but seriously, why get rid of Nala for Kiara?

Kovu as a cub was OK, but once he hits the teen age I just lost all love for this guy, once he doesn't want to kill Simba, and wants to save him, get the girl, I just wanted to turn the TV off.

Not worth buying in my opinion. Already sold my copy of TLKII: Simba's pride. ;)

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romanticdraco's Review

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posted: Apr 16, 2008
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Well, as a sequel, it does not live up to the first one but is still good on its own.

This movie features a new type of heroism, an anti-violence type of heroism. It emphasises the power of love and the belief that "We Are One".

It has pleasant songs, special in their ways, though may not be as moving or remarkable as the ones in the original. I am particularly fond of "One Of Us", "My Lullaby" and "Love Will Find A Way".

Character development is more complex than the original.

Kiara is a typical rebellious teenager, much like Simba's youth. Later she grew even more mature than Simba himself and even managed to teach him something.

Zira looks more ferocious than cunning. She also has the build for agility, but I like her better than Scar. I like her personality and she merely looks better. I always believed that Zira has the voice of a feminist.

Nuka is a typical mommy's boy and perhaps a bit wacky (or retarded) much like Ed in the original.

Kovu looks and sounds weak in general, since I kept comparing him with Simba naturally since he is one of the main protagonists of this sequel. He is nothing near kingly.

Vitani is a cool character and at the end she switched sides.

The scenes are still quite colourful especially when the characters were singing "In Upendi" and "One Of Us".

It teaches us essential things about the world, unity and love.

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wildanimals' Review

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posted: Dec 19, 2007
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I liked this sequel more than the original. It's not the best Disney movie out there, but it's one of Disney's best sequels.
The animation, soundtrack and new characters are all great.

If you liked the original (or even if you didn't), watch it.

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leoneb's Review

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posted: Mar 23, 2007
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The Romeo & Juliet ripoff, with all the teenage love and stuff, it's rather plain and overwhelmingly simple. Considering it's a sequel of a much more complex plot, it's quite disappointing.

All the thing with the Scar's followers doesn't make any sense, as there was not even a single lion that followed him in the first movie. But I do liked the new characters, and as far it's possible, the plot make good use of them. Luka it's amazing, and he make you laugh and sob. There's a piece of the movie on him.

Simba now is a grumpy guy, you almost don't see him smiling. His old pals Timon & Pumbaa now are his servants, and it's almost heartbreaking seeing him giving orders to them in a severe tone.

With the exception of "My Lullaby", I though the rest of the songs are boring and silly, specially "Upendi" - which I think it was ridiculous.

A movie that can be joyful in some extent, but it's dispensable. And unnecessary.

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Juuchan17's Review

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posted: Nov 19, 2004
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What a wonderful way to follow-up the Lion King!
This is the best Disney sequel ever, even though I, too, am not that big of a Disney sequel fan. The animation was breath-taking and looked more like it was supposed to debut in theaters. The story was a bit quick in my opinion. I mean, first there's the famous presentation of the cub heir to the throne, Princess Kiara. Next, she's a energy-filled child, eager to romp and play, like the kid that all of us were. Then, she learns important lessons from her proud papa, King Simba, about the phrase "We are one." Of course, if you were in Kiara'd situation, you would be confused too. But like all stories, Kiara's fateful encounter with the Outlands cub, Kovu, creates big problems. Then as all children do, they grow up. Kiara and Kovu meet again, with Kovu pretending to be a hero only to try and steal the throne from Simba, as Scar would have wanted. Without revealing too much more of this wonderful plot, a love blossoms between the princess and her vagabond that helps bring this to a stunning climatic scene that contains a few similar elements to the original. Since this is a Disney sequel, it has to contain songs. The rhythm and the beats of the various music were wonderful and added that African feel to the movie. Most of the songs did a great job of setting the mood of the situation, especially the Rafiki song, "Upendi" which was a fun song about the Swahili word for "love." It was a bit corny, but a cute song nonetheless as it helped Kiara and Kovu release their true feelings about each other's company.
There was one little problem though. Simba's character was different than the young king that had returned to his rightful place in the first movie. It seemed that since he was the king, he thought what he was doing was always for the best. WRONG. That comes and nips him in the butt a couple of times in the sequel. This is a meaner Simba than what I thought I would see. He'll make you angry during certain scenes, but in the end, he realizes that no one is perfect and that no one can be exactly like someone else, since this Simba is trying to follow in his daddy's paws.
This is such an outstanding sequel and should not be forgotten. Although it does have that one flaw in characterization, it still gets four stars from me!

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lupercal's Review

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posted: Sep 16, 2004
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(Jul 11: changed in line with my reviewing principles.)

It's a shame. This film had quite a lot going for it, but just didn't quite cut the mustard. Firstly, and importantly for me, I didn't have the 'Kimba rip-off' problems which I had with the original movie, so I _wanted_ it to be good, and in many respects it was. Probably most importantly this was the film which raised the bar for animation quality in DTV sequels. That's what most struck me about it at the time. For the first time we had a sequel that looked cinematic, not like a telemovie. Of course it wasn't quite in the same league as TLK. Kiara's 'airbrushed' look doesn't sit properly alongside some of the 'flat' looking animals (like the Rhinos), and the actual drawing, as opposed to the animation, isn't in the same class as the original (this is particularly evident when the fairly ordinary drawing, and the airbrushed effect are combined in some of Kiara's facial shots).

Despite being borrowed from 'Romeo and Juliet' (along with a couple of other Shakespearean references - there's even a line out of 'The Merchant of Venice'), the romance between Kiara and Kovu (keep wanting to call him 'Tofu') was a pretty solid source of dramatic tension, and the strongest element of the story. It's a shame it somehow never quite achieved its potential potency, and especially that it was deflated by that regrettable song segment introduced by Rafiki. I found the efforts by Nuka to please his evil mother quite emotionally potent, and again wish more had been done with that.

There were some other things which struck me as faults with the film. I already said that I didn't like Mufassa in the first movie. I don't like Simba in the second, either. He's consistently shown to have poor judgement, and you really have to wonder whether he deserves his job as leader.

Some writing problems: if Rafiki is determined to get Kiara and Kovu together, and the biggest obstacle to that is Simba's attitude, why doesn't he just damn well go and talk to him about it? Or break melons together in some cryptic manner or something? A second problem is more of what bothered me about TLK. I felt sympathy for Scar when I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to. Similarly I felt sympathy for the outcast lions being forced to live in the badlands, when, again, I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to. It just came across as another example of Simba being mean and not a very good ruler.

Timon and Pumba were ok when they were on screen, but frankly there didn't really seem to be any particularly good excuse for them even being in the movie.

The music is actually pretty decent for a DTV - not a lot worse or better than most of what Disney has put with their movies in the last 10 or 15 years.

Overall I've got a bit of a soft spot for Simba's Pride. It's not a great movie, but it proved that DTV sequels could be of high production quality, and not nescessarily outright disasters.

Still, for my money, it was the second sequel which finally hit its marks. A shame in a way that it took a comedy/parody for me to really throughly enjoy a Lion King film.

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greykitty's Review

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posted: Aug 12, 2004
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One of Disney's better sequals in both animation and story. However, this film is nowhere near as good as the original, but it does have a few good points.

I think of all the new characters that were introduced Vitani and Nuka were the most unique. Although I liked his design, Kovu had very little personality and Kiara was just obnoxious at times. What really bothered was the way they changed the old characters. Simba was overprotective, which would be understandable, but he lost all his good qualities he had in the original that made him loveable. Nala had a very minor role and she was nowhere near as strong as she was in the original. Timon and Pumbaa seemed to be side thought. Almost like the writers wrote the whole story about the lions then forgot about the duo and threw them in at the last minute.

The music was ok, but pretty bad compared to the first one. One song, Upendi, is one of the worst and most annoying songs I think I've ever heard. If they had cut that song out the movie would go up half a star! The score is pretty much non exsistant, what is there is bad. I do have to give them credit though. They managed to get the original cast back, which was nice.

The animation is fair. At the time it was the best seen in a dtv. It's almost comparable to the first tlk, but not quite. However there were some things that irked me. Everything was darker and not as crisp as the first. Everything in general looked darker and a litte off color. Simba's main lacked the nice detail it once had, Nala's eyes were changed and her chin was enlarged, Timon and Pumbaa looked a bit off in design and color. However the newer characters were pretty neat.

Now for the story. It had a 'just because someone looks different doesn't mean that we can't get along' type theme which was ok. They brought in the outlanders, Scar's former pride. Unfortunately they decided to go with the overused 'hero has a headstrong child'. So the story is ok, a little dull at times, but had enough twists and action scenes to keep up interest.

Overall it's a pretty good dtv. It's worth a couple rents, or if you are really into tlk maybe buy it.

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