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posted: Aug 16, 2011
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After hearing a few glowing reviews about this film from old mentors and friends I decided to go see it. I liked it!

It had great animation, great story, great musicÖ I liked pretty much everything about it. Dare I say itÖ it might just be better than the first one. It really built up Poís back story well and they gave Tigress a little more depth. Was kind of nice to see.

It was fast paced, characters stayed in character, same over the top type stunts that make you laugh hard. The new characters were pretty cool too. A peacock as a bad guy was something I didnít really expect. The humor was good and not forced. The stylized wolves were kind of weird, didnít really look like wolves, but they did make them interesting for sure.

I think it was just all around a good movie. Itíll entertain kids and amuse the adults, any age can appreciate it. I know this is a short review but I have nothing more to really add. It was just a fun movie, and Iíd recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the first one.

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posted: Aug 12, 2011
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Kung Fu Panda is very ecological, in fact the film is all about recycling the exact same plot as the prior film, almost point to point. Yes Po is accepted into the team now, and is an impossibly good kung fu master in whatever time has passed since the last film ended. Yet ultimately, itís the same story as the last adventure, and that is not ever going to rub well with me.

Yes the film is technically better than the first one, but that may be in part because it doesnít have to worry itself as much with introducing the protagonists, we alreadly know who Po, Tigress and Master Shifu are, so the film can skip along quite merrily.

Lord Shen is, in essence, the same character as Tai Lung, okay their species are different and their particular targets are different. However is taking over the whole of China with revenge on your mind really that far removed from getting revenge on your hometown outside of being a higher notch of the villain motivation knob?

Lord Shenís motivation is actually quite petty when compared to Tai Lungís in some ways, and certainly much more arrogant. Whereas Lungís motives sprung from a live-time of training almost forced upon by the arrogance of another - Master Shifu - only to have said promise swept away from him after dedicating his life to it, and feeling betrayed by those who raised him when the grand master decides that heís is too arrogant to be granted such a role.

Shen, on the other hand is bluntly told in the prologue that his wilfulness to continue with his actions of conquest and death will lead him to ruin by the hand of a panda, after which he choose to continue in spite. For me, the snow leopard had the more interesting back story and the more valid reason to be angry, having had his life wasted by the idiocy and arrogance of others. The peacock meanwhile has only himself to blame for his inevitable downfall, and yes it is inevitable, the movie spends time making that clear.

Po meanwhile is given, however vaguely, the challenge of finding inner peace by his master Shifu, and because of the character arch of the last film, which no.2 seems to be following to the letter, you know that Po will find said inner peace just in time to save the day. Heck, it even follows the act layout of the first film.

The filmís actual plot is as straightforward as they come; more concerned with throwing actions scenes at the audience in the hope that this will be enough to sate them. It is just enough to distract you from the fact that itís pretty much the exact same storyline as the last film. Thereís nothing here to surprise, but plenty of eye candy and action scenes; much like other DreamWorks films, and its other sequels, this film is far too derivative for its own good.

Yet somehow, the film manages to stay enjoyable in spite of its heavy borrowing, and is worth a look, as long as you lower your expectations, or ignore DreamWorks general lack of ability to come up with any real new ideas.

A borderline 7/10.

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posted: Jul 04, 2011
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I had seen the teaser trailer for the awaited sequel for Kung Fu Panda...and I was psyched! Now I had seen Kung Fu Panda 2, and I find that both the original film and this sequel are both AWESOME!

Po is now enjoying being the Dragon Warrior. But then a band of bandit wolves were attacking the Artisan Village for metal. But during the battle, Po noticed a symbol on the bandit leader's armor that triggered a memory from his past - thus letting the wolves escape. Po asks his father Mr Ping ,where he came from, but all the goose can tell him is that he found Po as an infant in a vegetable crate behind his restaurant and adopted him.

Afterwards, Master Shifu had receive word that Master Thundering Rhino, leader of the Kung Fu Council protecting the metropolis of Gongmen City, has been killed by the white peacock Lord Shen with his massive weapon, which threatens to destroys Kung Fu tradition. So Po and the Furious Five are sent to stop him. Now I know I would say this too: that is all I will tell of the film, folks, you will have to see the film for yourself how it ends.

So overall, I love really this film from beginning to end, perfect to go with the original film.

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posted: Jun 15, 2011
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A supremely enjoyable movie and family film and possibly that rare territory where the sequel is superior to the original. It seems Dreamworks have found their new cash cow franchise after nearly(or is it completely?) beating the Shrek thing to death. Hopefully this franchise won't suffer the same fate as Shrek.

Thankfully, Kung Fu Panda isn't the kind of animated movie that lends itself to the painfully obvious style of humor that Dreamworks is often known for. While the first Kung Fu Panda dabbled in some mildly amusing but still kid-familiar humor types and jokes, Kung Fu Panda 2 blends both this type of humor(Po is still quite the wise-cracker) and an almost fourth-wall-breaking camp acknowledgement of it being a kung fu movie. This "nudge and wink" loving parody of movie and kung fu cliches is what separates this movie from the first.

However, Kung Fu Panda 2 still keeps a steady foot in the realm of the serious and is all the better for it compared with Dreamworks' other franchises. Indeed, there's a sort of "Star Wars light" vibe going on in the film that wasn't present in the first one. The main villain's vision of a mechanized, industrial China, thirst for war and conquest, and barely disguised acts of attempted genocide are all terrifying themes to find in a kids show. In fact, I don't remember the last time I saw an animated movie with a villain of such an alluring combination of desires and relative complexities but ultimately of such utter despicableness that you couldn't wait until the point of the movie where the villain gets destroyed. Tai Lung has nothing on Lord Chen. Strangely, the peacock makes a convincing villain, and he reminds me of an animal version of Darth Vader.

The kung fu fighting is faster, fiercer, and more acrobatic than ever before. In fact, there were several points in the movie where I felt the need to exhibit a slow build up of "Go go go. Yes yes YES!" to match the increasing tension of the scene. And because Po is now an accomplished fighter(some would say obnoxiously perfect), the sequel has to mine a different set of themes to build up its characters than the first film's training motif. Here, it's self-discovery and trusting your friends, which isn't built on and explored all as well as I would've liked, but Dreamworks isn't known for their depth, and it's enough for the kids. Heck. It's enough to fuel a desire to purchase the DVD when it comes out.

Highly recommended.

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posted: Jun 11, 2011
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Seeing the trailers was the best thing that ever happened to me since November of 2010 and after a few long months of waiting, I've finally caught the screening of this movie with my brother today and we've had a good time. Now to review this awesome sequel.

While Po, now a Dragon Warrior, continues to live his life with the Furious Five and his father, a new villain named Lord Shen uses a powerful weapon that could destroy kung fu and plans to somehow rule the world. With the help of the Furious Five and Master Shifu, Po must somehow solve the mystery of his origins in order to defeat Lord Shen.

Now, I already now what the plot was about and so do you guys. Now for my opinion. While the original had compelling characters, great action scenes, and the laugh-out-loud comedy, this one captures all of the magic and mixes them with amazing storytelling As the rest of the movie, everything turned out great. Jack Black was funnier than ever, The acting was superb, the action scenes were greater than ever, the characters were amazing and were well-developed, the animation was both magnificent and awe-freaking-some, the china settings were very amazing in the methods of storytelling, and the moments were dark and very cool in my opinion and the storyline was very touching to begin with.

What really got me thrilled was the main villain Lord Shen. He was very deadly and Gary Oldman does a great job at voicing him and I like the way he actually feels about his pride. I have no choice to put him as my favorite villain next to Tai Lung.

The other aspect that also got me thrilled was the friendship between Po and Master Tigress and they were fully developed and I liked the touching moment in which Po learns about his origins that gives him the power to learn the Inner Peace Technique (SPOILER ALERT!)

Kung Fu Panda 2 is an excellent follow up to a great movie and will go down as one of my favorite Dreamworks Animated movies of all time. As long as it has the same cast, I can't wait for the rest of the Kung Fu Panda movies.