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posted: Jun 06, 2009
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Sometimes this series can be pretty funny but other times it's just obnoxious and a blatant rip off of the Simpsons. My two favorite characters are Stewie and the dog, and any episode that revolves around those two is usually pretty funny. Those two steal the show basically and if it weren't for them I probably wouldn't watch it at all. I don't think I would recommend it, try the Simpsons instead but if there's nothing else better on it's good for a few chuckles.

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posted: Jun 05, 2009
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UPDATE TO ORIGINAL JULY 2009 RATING - In my original 2009 review I stated "I rated this show pretty low although I watch it a lot. 1st of all, I do not think this show is doing much to better several other reviewers noted (Lucky Bob), crass and in poor taste, inappropriate material. This seems to be the direction the US culture is heading though".

Update -
I stopped watching this show about 3 months ago. When I realized some of the stuff I was laughing at, it was time to quit. This might be a controversial statement, but with shows like Family Guy, we become de-sensitized to some pretty rough material and over time sin becomes acceptable in our life. Well I took a stand and changed.

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Saoirse's Review

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posted: Apr 05, 2008
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The very opening of the show tells it - 'Lucky There's a Family Guy'. Because if we had to live with the 00' Simpsons, we'd probably be crying for some good show to appear...but, lucky there's a family guy.

I'm not going to say Family Guy is better than the simpsons because, of course, one is the son of the other.
You really can't compare early Simpsons to Family guy, just because the humour it's totally different. I will never be bored of watching those old episodes of The Simpsons, even though they don't make me laugh so loud as Family Guy, but they still had soul.

And now, with the lack of bightness of its creator, Simpson is stealing things from its son, Family Guy, and that's just disgusting.

Even though it is a Simpson's son, Family Guy stands on it's own, havng a complete new way of developing characters and putting the jokes. And they are of all kinds- big, small, quick, surrealistic, cheap-laughs, smart.

You really need to see this cartoon, taking your Simpsons regret appart.

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Lucky_Bob's Review

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posted: Jan 05, 2007
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Sorry to break up the good reviews but... what a horrible show.
It's crude, crass, offensive, blasphemous, the jokes are in bad taste, and the animation is stiff, jerky, and lifeless. And the jokes are very long and drawn out.

I gave it 1 1/2 stars because there ARE mildly funny moments in the show sometimes ("What color are those RED fire trucks?"). Usually when the jokes are in good taste (which is almost never).

I'd take The Simpsons, King of the Hill, heck, even South Park which I don't care for much at all, over this.

To quote a Mad Magazine spoof on "Trading Spouses" starring The Simpsons and Family Guy:

Hey, if you think that joke is raunchy then call me Terry Shavio and disconnect my feeding tube!

Marge Simpson:
Oh my God!

Surprised that I can talk?

No! That you think that joke is funny because it's in EXCEEDINGLY POOR TASTE.

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P.C. Unfunny's Review

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posted: Sep 04, 2005
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Family Guy is probably, actually,it IS the most controversial show to come on network television. Its funny and sharp at times, but,the only problem I have with it is that the plots for most of the episodes can be extremely weak, it whould just go from one thing to another.But it dose acomplish funny, and when its well timed, you will be falling out of your seat .

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Magnus' Review

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posted: Jun 24, 2005
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Ok...there are two reasons to explain why you are reading this review. The first is that you have not seen Family Guy and are looking for some opinions, in order to decide whether or not to try watching said show. The second is that you just want to find out what other people are saying about it, for whatever personal satisfaction this gives you. If you're anything like me, you're reading this for the second reason...but I'm writing this review for the first.

That said, Family Guy is so big right now that I have no doubt you've heard about it, and chances are the only reason you might not have seen it yet is because you have also heard about its controversial nature, and perhaps the fact that it has been threatened with cancellation numerous times because of this. So, this is my suggestion to you: Watch the show. It isn't obnoxious, it's witty. There are no problems with nudity or violence, and the swear words you'll hear are no more than you'd hear in any real-life conversation.

Most of the show's humorous power, I find, comes from its tangents. One character, usually Peter, will say something, perhaps describe a hypothetical situation or recall some memory, and suddenly you're watching a brief illustration of this thought taken to the farthest extremes of ridiculous hilarity. Then, since this afterthought usually has absolutely no direct influence on the story, the show jumps right back to where it left off. Also, the references to books, movies, TV series, and other forms of media and culture are brilliant, and there are so many that you find yourself wondering how long it will take before they run out of things to reference.

Then again, if you have avoided the show on account of its controversy, it might actually be too radical for you. In fact, it seems to me that the only realistic reason for why you haven't seen Family Guy is that you don't have a television, in which case you can't watch it, anyway. So why am I writing this review?

Okay. I guess I better close on a more serious note. I recommend watching this show. If you don't like it, don't watch it, but I think you'll catch yourself laughing, if only at Baby Stewie's world domination schemes that could have Pinky and the Brain pondering.
Oh, and you might want to buy that television soon. You're missing out on a pretty funny cartoon.

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lupercal's Review

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posted: Jun 03, 2005
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(10 years on from my original review (below), I'm demoting this to three stars - simply because I've found that, although most of what I originally wrote remains true, the series has somehow lost its lustre over the years. In addition to which it now somehow strikes me as a bit mean-spirited at times)

--- Loop, 2015

Original 2005 review

I just want to start out by saying that, in my view, this is possibly the worst review I have ever written. I don't know - I was having a bad day. Just skip it. I'll do better next time.

Ok, that said, let's get the inevitable Simpsons comparisons out of the way. I don't say that in a sarcastic way, because the Simpsons-influence is stamped all over this show, from the dysfunctional nuclear family thing, to the rapid editing and flashbacks, machine-gun cultural references and pushing-the-envelope social satire.

Of course those same characteristics are stamped all over a lot of other post-Simpsons shows too, and you could maybe argue "Did The Simpsons rip off The Flinstones" if you really felt like pushing the nuclear family part, but let's leave them back in the 60's.

Maybe there should be more than one question.

Is 'Family' Guy' funnier than The Simpsons were in 1993? The instinctive answer to this is "Of course not - what is?" But I thought I'd actually test the theory, so I sat down and watched the first episode from season 4 of Simpsons ('Camp Krusty'). This is one of the creator's favourite eps from what is perhaps considered the greatest Simpsons season. Then I watched a random episode from the first season of 'Family Guy', which was 1999-2000, I think. And... well, I remembered something about The Simpsons. They weren't always amazingly funny, and frankly 'Camp Krusty' is one of those episodes (along with the Halloween eps, which I always hated), which didn't really seem like classic comedy to me. Then the random Family Guy ep. Well, it turned out not to be one of their best either, but I probably enjoyed it slightly more.

Of course that could just mean that The early Simpsons are finally starting to date, or I've just seen them too many times. And there is always the fact that regardless of any of the above, The Simpsons were to TV cartoons something like The Beatles were to rock music. And at this point I'll remember to mention 'Family Guy' before this turns into a Simpsons review.

The other question could be, "Is Family Guy funnier than The Simpsons are in season 15?", and by all accounts the answer to that might be 'yes'. I can't really tell you, because I stopped watched The Simpsons years ago.

Ok, already - Family Guy.

You could best describe this show as an edgier, less PC, more cynical and less sentimental 00's Simpsons. The family members basically fulfil the same roles, but there are important differences. All of the four major Simpsons family members were fully developed characters, whereas in Family Guy, Peter is really the only one who shines. Meg (Lisa's 'equivalent') may as well not be there for all the humour she generates. Chris is no match for Bart, and whereas Lois (the wife) isn't bad, she's not as original or amusing as Madge. But then again, the show is called 'Family Guy', which does sort of suggest it would concentrate on the one character rather more than the whole family. And Peter is more than a match for Homer when it comes to hilariously selfish idiocy.

If 'Family Guy' loses out a bit with the rest of the Simpson-analogs, it does have two aces up its sleeve. Brian the dry-witted, talking, martini-sipping Dog is great (yes, he absolutely outshines Santa's Little Helper), and the show's most original creation is undoubtedly the priceles, mad-evil-genius baby, Stewie, who seems to have an IQ of about 200, and despite being one year old, is bent on world-domination (when he was born he had to hide the map of invasion-plans for Europe), frequently tells Lois to "Burn in Hell!" (which, with motherly serenity she sweetly attributes to him teething or something. In fact the episode where he actually is teething, and tries to get around it by inventing a time-machine is hilarious), and he usually tries to kill at least one person - often a family member - in each episode - none of which ever works out, because he is, after all, a baby who is still frustratingly dependant on these useless adults to look after him until he raises an army and conquers the world (nobody seems to notice that he's building futuristic weapons and letting them off in the house. Lois will just take the ray gun that blew a whole in the wall from him and tell him he can play with his toys later.)

If Simpsons pushed the envelope, 'Family Guy' probably bursts through it altogether now and again. Simpsons was carefully pitched to appeal to kids and adults. Family Guy unashamedly goes for adults, and if kids like it too (whch many probably do), that's a bonus - but this isn't a kid's show.

For people who like catching cultural references, this show bursts at the seams with them. Some episodes pack in nearly 40 (there's a website devoted to this in the links, if I remember). Altogether it's edgier, funnier and fresher than The Simpsons now, though obviously endebted to it, and certainly not as 'important'. In 'real terms' - meaning, if you could somehow premier the two shows the same year and somehow deduct from Family Guy the ten years of post-Simpsons comedy that it had to draw inspiration from - would it be better than The Simpsons?

No. Even if the best Simpsons eps might be getting old and a bit worn-out now, that show turned everything on its head like no show is probably capable of doing again.

But will I be watching season 4 of Family Guy, which has just started after a 4 year hiatus - or Season 15 of Simpons? No contest. Family Guy is the better show today. It might be similar to Simpsons in a lot of ways, but if I forgot to mention, it's also damn funny, and very smart and snappy.

Ok, I think that's the inevitable Simpsons comparisons out of the way.

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Toonboy's Review

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posted: May 23, 2005
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Weird, crass, loud, off the wall, and completely random. And yet witty, sharp, and hilarious all at the same time. Family Guy is fresh fun where The Simpsons has started to become stale and other so called adult cartoons feel like nothing but random crude scenes.