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posted: Jan 08, 2012
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There is no denying the historical importance of a movie like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Just like The Wizard of Oz, 12 Angry Men and Gone With the Wind, everyone needs to see Snow White at least once in their lives.

When you’re finished with Snow White, put a better movie on. I recommend Enchanted.

If you get right down to it, Enchanted is what Snow White would be if it were written and produced in the modern day. After all, the two movies share most of the same elements, spoilers ahead.

1) Our heroine meets a random prince. And it is always a random prince. His background doesn’t matter. For all we know, Prince Edward could own an island named after him, and he could’ve just been visited by three spirits the night before who showed him that eating babies is not the right and proper thing for princes to do. It doesn’t matter. Five minutes before Enchanted, Edward simply didn’t exist. The only thing that’s really established about his character is that his stepmother is the queen. This is more than we ever knew about the prince from Snow White.

2) The prince is instantaneously infatuated with our heroine, which if you ask me shows just how shallow these fairy tale princes are. At least the prince in Snow White had her singing voice to go by as well as her good looks, even if some members of the audience think her voice was a little too shrill. In Enchanted, Giselle and Prince Edward were practically proposing marriage to each other before they’d even finished introducing themselves. Generally, these kinds of things tend not to end well, just ask a drive-thru wedding chapel at Las Vegas, but- oh wait, this is supposed to be a fairy tale setting. Happily Ever After is a gene everyone carries.

3) The heroine departs from her home. And in both movies, it’s due to the actions of a jealous queen. And yet, our heroine makes the most of things. Did you notice that the first thing that Giselle did upon resting up from her long day was to clean the apartment from top to bottom with help from the local New York wildlife? Snow White did the exact same thing. She cleaned up the dwarfs’ home with help from the forest animals. At least Snow White had an excuse: housekeeping was all that she was good at. But I guess since Cinderella also found herself doing the work of a maid, it somehow became a contractual obligation for a princess in a Disney movie to know how to clean house.

4) The current ruling monarch plots to kill our heroine. And speaking of contractual obligations, it seems as if princesses must always be the targets of mob hits, so to speak. The Evil Queen Mafia just hates them. Even if they’re not a princess yet but are going to be one, they are automatically marked for death. Just look at Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent wasn’t fooling around: she marked her for death as soon as she was born.

5) Our heroine bites into a poisoned apple. I don’t know why it’s only apples that kill. It must be some kind of metaphor. But because an apple is what causes Snow White’s eyes to close, the same magically lethal fruit shows up in Enchanted. In fact, three of them show up in Enchanted, if only so that they can hang a lampshade on them by making two of them go to waste without any of the characters cluing in to what’s happening.

6) True love’s kiss brings our heroine back from sleeping death. Well, okay, in Snow White, it was “love’s first kiss”, but in most other media, it’s been portrayed as “true love’s kiss”, instead. I don’t quite know when it changed, the counter-spell was clearly visible on screen during Snow White. And just in case the audience was illiterate, it was read out loud as well. I guess “love’s first kiss” wasn’t fairy tale enough, it had to be “true” as well.

Enchanted opens with an animated sequence set in the land of Andalasia, where things always follow fairy tale rules. Giselle meets Prince Edward and it’s decided right away that they must get married. But even in fairy tales, absolute power corrupts absolutely and due to the rules of the kingdom of Andalasia, if Giselle and Edward marry, Queen Narissa automatically loses the throne. So Narissa manages to trick Giselle into a trap, and she finds herself in New York City. When Prince Edward finds out what happened to Giselle, he travels to New York City as well, to get her back.

Giselle and Prince Edward are understandably naive to the way the real world works, although Giselle’s naivety is nothing compared to Edward’s. While Giselle grows in her understanding of New York as the movie progresses, Edward treats it as just another part of the kingdom of Andalasia, and he sees our world through the filter of his own preconceived notions. Although the fish out of water story has been done to death by now, and more often than not I find myself cringing whenever I see someone acting as out of place as possible out in public, even in fiction, the movie doesn’t grind to a halt every time Giselle or Edward run afoul of another difference between Andalasia and New York, and I actually enjoyed Enchanted because of this. Instead of being played for cheap laughs, the scenes are genuinely hilarious and move rather quickly. There is sincerity in Amy Adams’ performance as Giselle and in James Marsden’s performance as Edward.

Just as enjoyable for me was how the movie deconstructed fairy tale cliches. Although Giselle still acts like a princess from a fairy tale throughout the movie, New York is New York, and before her first evening in the big city is over, she finds herself dragged into the subway, victimized by theft, and drenched by a rainstorm. It illustrates the vast differences between the modern day setting of the movie and the idealized medieval setting of a fairy tale. While we all wish that dreams come true like they do in fairy tales, it’s often not the case. And yet Giselle does not lose her optimism, which is something that far too often is the first thing we lose when we find ourselves faced with our dreams dashed on the pavement.

What I took away from Enchanted is not that Snow White is in any way wrong. I mean, it’s okay to be hopeful without being naive. It’s okay to believe in fairy tales, although you shouldn’t always base your life on them. And it’s okay to believe in a little magic every now and then. Instead, Enchanted tries to be a little more realistic, and it certainly succeeded. In that sense, I will say that Snow White is something every five year old should see, and Enchanted is something every ten year old should see.

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posted: Jun 07, 2008
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I thought it was ok. I was thrilled to see some actual 2D Disney animation hit the big screen for once, and I was glad to hear it did well in cinemas too. However, as much as I liked the 2D part, I wasn't really amazed by the movie as a whole. The story was ok, too predictable in my opinion though. Some of the songs I really did not care for much and one I found downright annoying. The animation was really good though both 2D and 3D. I really liked the end with the dragon. Seeing the cartoon versions of the actors and actresses was really neat too. I liked most of the characters, can't say I didn't like any of them, even the "bad guy" was ok.
It's worth a watch for sure, but not one I'd buy.

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Juuchan17's Review

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posted: Jan 04, 2008
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Thank you, Disney . . . *bows on knees* Thank you for getting it right.

Seriously, this is a wonderful film that is more than worth of the Disney brand!

"Enchanted" is a very interesting fairy tale of a film minus the fairies (However, there is lots of glittering stuff - LOL).

< SPOILER WARNING! - minor spoilers for the plot>

Giselle, a beautiful girl of her world, Andalasia (pardon if the spelling is wrong, gah.), who dreams of recieving true love's kiss from her Prince Charming. Prince Charming happens to be Prince Edward, a gallant young man who also longs to find a girl to become his princess . . . and of course, Giselle is the one! However, his mother, Queen Narissa, doesn't want Edward to marry, so she sends Giselle to a world with no happy endings - which happens to be Present Time NYC.

Lost and completely unable to fit into this new world, Giselle searches for a way back to her beloved Edward but is saved by a man named Robert and learns of this world and its fancies. Meanwhile, Edward finds a way to New York to save his bride-to-be, not knowing of the troubles that lie ahead of them all.

I would say more, but I really would be spoiling the film climax . . . which was totally beautiful and amazing.

Disney has amazed me with the transfer of 2D animation (yes, the return of traditional animation! Way to go, Disney!) to computer animation to live-action . . . WOW. I hate to say it, but this is beating "Roger Rabbit" by a long shot.

The music is wonderful, the work by all the actors/actresses - perfectly believable, and the story takes the cake. It's like a Disney Princess Fruit Salad - a story that takes bits and pieces of other classic fairy tales and mixes it up perfectly. Plus, the songs are quite catchy . . . I felt like singing them after the movie was over! LOL

This is a must-see and a definite must-have once on DVD!

My rating: PERFECT! 4 stars

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posted: Dec 10, 2007
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I saw this yesterday and, for the most part, I enjoyed it. Giselle made for a convincing 'Disney princess', Edwards was a bold if slightly vapid 'Disney prince' and Robert was the guy that you *actually* wanted to sweep you off your feet at the end of the day.

Some of the songs were very good, while some were kinda forgettable.

Some of the humour was very good, while some was kinda meh.

Overall I came away with the impression that the film was trying too hard. Where the satire rolled off the cuff with Shrek, there were quite a few places in Enchanted where it felt forced. I liked the characters and I thought the strongest moments were those when they came to the forefront... Giselle interacting with Robert's daughter... or the dance at the end where I really did feel like I was watching the sweeping, live-action rendition of those moments at the end of Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty.

Generally the film was strongest when the wink-wink, nudge-nudge Disney allusions weren't quite so in your face.

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JackPumpkinhead's Review

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posted: Dec 03, 2007
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This was a very cute and fun film. Much better than the previews made it to be. The animation style was very nice and somewhere between classic disney and pre-shrek dreamworks, which I like. The story was very adorable and touching. The acting, both voice and real, was nicely done, particularly he random outbursts into songs. And I didn't expect to see Idina Menzel in there, which made the film jus a little better. I'd recommend taking a child or S.O. along. There were only a few parts that were a little too silly for me.

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J-Kitty's Review

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posted: Nov 30, 2007
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I have just saw Enchanted which was fantastic. I'm also glad that 2D is coming back to Disney, because as I said it, I grew up with the 2D Classics and I'll always love them for years to come. I mean 3D's great and all but it's fascinating as 2D. The animation for the scenes in Andalasia is beautifully done, and the characters (animated) are REAL dead-ringers to the actors in the film - Amy Adams,James Marsden and Susan Sarandon. I love Giselle, and I also love the pink dress in the beginning. You know, if she had wings she could have been a "Fairy" Princess). Admittedly in a way, Giselle is kind of like me : I believe in "Happily After Ever."

The film was a direct montage to the three Classic Disney Princess movies - Snow White,Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, and I love the Disney Princesses. I DO consider Giselle as one of them, and Mrs. Adams has been getting rave reviews. I have also bought the new doll wearing the pink outfit of course. So I think she deserves to be added to the list of Disney princesses, though she's in between worlds - animated Andalasia and real-life New York. My favorite song from the soundtrack is "True Love's Kiss," just to let you know.

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ToonAnimator's Review

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posted: Nov 26, 2007
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At first, I thought this film was based on many parodies of fairy tales little bit like Shrek (Which I personally don't like ruining classic tales) films. But when I saw this, somehow very original and this film really touch my heart. Every part of this film has so much reference of our favorite Disney "fairy tale" memories like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella etc... And for the first time, I've even cried when I saw the dancing scene of Giselle and Robert. It really reminded me of Beauty and the Beast's famous dancing scene.

This film has this warm feeling like your childhood is coming back of those wonderful classic Disney films. It even made me laugh for how whimsical it is like the part when princess sings with her woodland creatures, prince and princess singing together, and all time favorite - True love's kiss.

Most Importantly... I am Happy to see the 2D animation (partial 2D animation) bringing back to the big, theater screen from Disney.

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Lucky_Bob's Review

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posted: Nov 24, 2007
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I enjoyed Enchanted immensely. The cast is great, the animated sequences were great, everything about it is just... great!
I was not thrilled by the trailers I saw of Enchanted when they first came out. It just didn't look that great. Fortunately, Enchanted surpassed all of my expectations and is a funny and heartwarming film for all ages.

Enchanted is a sort of a parody/homage to the classic Disney films. I know that remark screams SHREK but the mean "in your face" jabbing humor of the Shrek movies is non-existent here. The parodies here are affectionate and are not mean spirited like the Shrek movies are.

The cast is really really good. Amy Adams is great as Giselle and she has a great voice. We have James Marsden as the "heroic" Prince Edward, Susan Saradon as the evil Queen Narissa, Timothy Spall as Nathaniel (who plays Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter movies), Patrick Dempsey as our main live action man Robert Phillip, and a cast of wonderful characters both live and animated.

The songs are great too. The duo of Alan Menkin and Stephen Shwartz return and with them come five delightful songs. My favorite is the "Working Song" which is a parody of the classic Snow White "Whistle While You Work" song... with a New York twist!

Enchanted is a great film for the whole family. I give this film a 9/8 out of 10.

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Firefly's Review

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posted: Nov 23, 2007
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The film was a pleasant blend of "Cinderella", "Snow White", "Sleeping Beauty", "Sound of Music"(just one little part but still), and a whole lot of others I'm sure. Usually I would think that spoofs are only good for some laughs but this film was actually great.

My friend, her little brother and their mom, and of course your's truely went to watch "Enchanted" at our local theater and it was PACKED(!!!). I didn't think that there would be that many people at a Disney fantasy/musical-- at least not anyone my age and older. I had expected a chick flick but it wasn't totally. No, not at all.

Anyway, after struggling to find some good seats, the movie started and immediately I knew that the film would be awesome. The animation was not all that amazing like "Anastasia" but it was still great. The audience seemed really into the movie. Lots of laughs(the good kind not the rideculing kind) at the right time and I think some people actually sang along to some numbers. And in the end everyone in the audience applauded and the most unusual thing(in my opinion) happened: almost everybody in the room stayed through the end credits. Good!

The opening scene, in the animated world Andalasia, was enjoyably funny and I totally love Pip's spunkyness. The prince(in the animated & real worlds)--ahem...okay there's no other way to say this but the way he talks makes him seem like a pompous dimwit...which you soon learn that he is one. Oh, well. The singing was pretty nice; my favorite number was/is probably "That's How You Know" (I think that's the title...Oh well I'll wait for the soundtrack to come out). The "Happy Working Song" number was very interesting and "eww" at the same time but still very good.

I loved how some of the real-life, city scenes were set near by Broadway. What an honor it must have been to co-star with Broadway actress Idina Menzel (as Nancy) in this Disney film (TRIVIA: Menzel played the role of Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the West in the Broadway musical "Wicked" and as Maureen in the musical "Rent"; the posters for these two Broadway musicals can be seen in brief in "Enchanted"). Another cool scene was the "Queen's Ball". I'd like to see more of those in real real-life; and very nice costumes...hmm, I wonder where they get them...

The movie orbits around the ideas of "true love" & "happy-ever-afters" constantly(no duh). In Giselle's animated world sure. However I find it insulting when evil Queen Narissa says she sent Giselle to a place where there's no "happy ever after" (New York). Don't pay attention to that; it's possible and you just have to keep your chin up like Giselle (WAY up). So that's the message of the film there.

I think you've had enough of me for now so I'll just end my review with this message

WATCH THIS FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!----I COMMAND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!