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posted: May 08, 2012
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It's 'Adventure Quest' with Brian from 'Family Guy' as the main character turned into a unciorn. But apart from that it's funny. Seriously, I didn't know what to make of this. On the one hand I wanted to mark it down for being so derivative (e.g., Charlie's voice and demeanor are clearly studied copies of Brian's, and the whole scenario is 'Adventure Quest' up the wazoo) - but OTTOH I like to compare media of one type (in this case web animation) with its peers - not with 'Balto' or 'The Lion King'*. And in that case, it shines.

*...or 'Shark Tale' (my scoring method collapses)

In the end, I'm stuck. For shoestring budget webjunk it's great. Overall it's fairly good. If I'd not seen its obvious precursors I'd have given it 3.5 or 4.0. Someone invent a formula for scoring media types against each other, without considering Shrek 2.

Oh, ok - that idea but a good film instead of Shrek 2.


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posted: Dec 16, 2008
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Charlie the Unicorn is a hoot! Yeah, sure; it is boring when you're in the right state of mind and want to get some serious business done over the Internet (which I find impossible to believe if you're browsing Youtube). The animation is similar to the style of 'South Park' so it doesn't really get much from me in terms of animation but the lip-syncing was great and Charlie's voice was sarcastic and laughable (I may add that he is in every video on the parent site but it's this one that stands out). The ending had me in hysterics and the song was catchy, if not a little patronizing. I could feel Charlie's pain. Cleverly put together and showing what you can do with Photoshop and Flash. I may also add that whilst the first one is original and great, the second one failed to tickle my funny bone, some parts of got a few chuckles from me but it failed to raise to the moral standard of the original. Typically of most videos on Newgrounds, the second one rambled on a bit and the puns, though quite funny, made no sense. Watch the first one and remember it but the second one is a lost cause.

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The Great Dragon's Review

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posted: Mar 15, 2007
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This is best when seen at 10:00 at night or later when you have had at least 1 and a half 12 ounce Mountain Dews. The second time you still laugh, but after 5 times or so, you're sick of it. Still funny.

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Magnus' Review

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posted: Mar 09, 2007
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Heh...you know, this one is strangely addicting. I think I've watched it ten times or more since I found out about it a week ago. I'll warn you: It's annoying. VERY annoying. Charlie's unicorn friends would be the cause for that. Also, through the whole thing you just keep waiting for something bizarre and horrible to happen, and sure enough...but it's pretty funny.

I love the exploding letter people.

P.S. In my opinion, the other films (one of which is also animated) on the parent site for this cartoon are not even worth a glance.

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posted: Mar 02, 2007
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Note: This is a review installments.

When the first installment of Charlie the Unicorn came out in 2006, it felt extremely fresh and original. Youtube hadn't seen much creativity, and although there were a couple of gems in Newgrounds, you had to wade through a pile of crap to get to them.

Charlie took a standard happy cutsey fantasy premise, parodied it, turned it upside on it's head with random humor, and then finally dumped it in a very dark place. There wasn't much out there on the web like Charlie at the time, and that's part of the reason it was one of youtube's first big hits*. Now let's flashforward to 2013. Charlie has three sequels. Youtube is filled with parodies, animation, and random humor. So, how does Charlie hold up in 2013?

Although it doesn't feel nearly as fresh and funny as it was when it first came out, it still holds up fairly well. Charlie gets three stars because it can still make me laugh. I can't say that about many youtube programs.

Each Charlie episode plays the same. A pink unicorn and a blue unicorn convince a very reluctant Charlie (the eponymous unicorn) to come on some sort of adventure. On their quest, the two unicorns annoy Charlie, while random crazy events happen around them. At some point a bizarre creature will sing to Charlie. The songs are the definite high point of each episode. After the musical climax, something horrible will always happen. Although, each episode plays the same, there is enough variation to keep things fresh. The stakes keep getting higher, and there is surprisingly a good amount of character development for such a silly webshow.

Like a lot web animations, Charlie's goal is to make the audience laugh. Charlie meets that goal. Although Charlie doesn't feel innovative and fresh anymore, it's still pretty funny.

*Charlie was initially put on Newgrounds. It didn't hit big until it was ripped and put on youtube.

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posted: Mar 01, 2007
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This...is the most seriously messed-up thing I've seen in ages. By turns insanely annoying and hilarious, and it even has a pretty clever song in it. The bad animation is even funny.

I'm fighting the impulse to give it four stars...