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posted: Jun 08, 2007
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What can I say? I liked this one better than the first Don Bluth-directed movie; it's not that I'm not a fan of Mr. Bluth, but last time I checked, dogs don't have rosy cheeks. I believe I rented this movie, and I actually liked it. That's kinda of a rare thing for a sequel that was made nearly a decade after the previous movie was made/released.

However, there some things in this movie that were questionable. One thing that bothered me is that Charlie somehow knows San Francisco like the back of his paw. Pretty strange for a 100+ year-old dog who lived in New Orleans, then spent the next 50-odd years in Heaven. I'd still like to know why it took Itchy so long to get to Heaven in the first place. I guess there's a different concept of time-space continuum between the living world and spiritual world...Who knows?

I'll admit that I like the Anabelle in this movie rather than the one in the first one; I found her too ditzy and strange. I loved the characters of Sasha La Fleur and David. Sasha was a good example of well-developed love interest (and a lovely one at that) while David had a great thing as a cute kid who loved street magic. This movie was also the first time I saw a dog kiss another dog on the lips; nice touch to convey the humanized characteristics talking animals seem to have in animated cinema.

I found that the character design for the humans (especially the background ones) were nicely bizarre; a nice step towards a new idea. Again, I LOVED Sasha; she had a great design and voice-actress playing her. Charlie Sheen did a nice job replacing Burt Reynolds as Charlie. For some reason, everytime I hear Burt Reynolds talk, I think of Smokey & the Bandit. I'd also like to mention that the addition of a demonic cat villain was neato.

My two cents is that it's a good movie for anyone curious about Charlie and Itchy's further adventures, and if ya like dogs, then this is right up your alley!

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Shae's Review

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posted: Jun 06, 2007
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One of my favorites, & one of the best sequels ever. The story is powerful (though not even *approaching* the greatness of the original, mind you.) But it is certainly good enough, and there are two main things that run through the entire movie and make it awesome.

One is the music. "It's Too Heavenly Here," "It Feels So Good to be Bad," "Count Me Out," and "I Will Always Be With You" are outstanding songs.
Two is the character of Sasha, who is one of my all-time favorites and makes the whole thing seem better than it might be otherwise.
ADGTH2 basically does its predecessor proud (wish the same could be said for the series, which is lacking in so many ways, despite there being a few highlights such as the introduction of Belladonna.)

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Dogstar's Review

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posted: Mar 22, 2007
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Don Bluth's "All Dogs go to Heaven" was my one of my favorite animated movies as a child, and still is now. So, it is difficult for me to like the Bluthless sequel.

The movie starts with Charlie being reunited with Itchy. Charlie finds heaven all too boring. Carface with a new voice and personality (still the bad guy though) steals and looses the fabled Gabriel's horn in a deal with the devil. Charlie and Itchy are sent back to earth to retrieve the horn. Charlie finds a love interest named Sasha who is taking care of a run-away child. yada yada. It is DTV.

I really cannot enjoy this movie for a plethora of reasons. Charlie the self-centered guy with a good heart that I knew and loved from the original is gone, and replaced with fun-loving bad boy. Burt Reynolds was the essence of Charlie. Charlie Sheen just does not fit. The remade Carface and Itchy are also a wreck. By the way, where is Killer?

There are a lot of plot-holes, and the animation is not up too par with the original. But I am willing to forgive these faults, since I think this movie had a low budget.

I guess, what I dislike the most about this movie is the run-away kid, David. David is a classic obnoxious cartoon kid with a dumb ambition to become a magician.

There is one thing that I was impressed with and that was the plot and the climax. The climax of ADGTH2 was very dark, in the spirit of the original. Plus I liked the devil; he is a interesting character, and kind of a snazzy guy.

I also enjoyed the songs. They were not annoying, and I especially liked Its to Heavenly Here.

ADGTH2 is no where near the original, but good for one viewing.

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posted: Feb 10, 2006
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I was disappointed by this film for a number of reasons:

- The story . . . find this heavenly horn. Pretty basic, yes? Then add in a foxy female, her young runaway master and an evil threat onto the world . . . plus a bunch of cheesy musical numbers of different emotions . . . and, TA-DA! You get this. Horrible.

- The animation quality was more DTV-ish than movie masterpiece material. Or even worse, Saturday morning cartoon quality. *shudders*

- Some characters weren't that bad. The addition of the sexy Sasha (and her beautiful voice) was the best. On the other hands, the most of the other characters sucked. And where was Killer? (wah)

And time in Heaven must be passing quickly . . . because the first ADGTH ended in the late 1930s (1939 to be exact), and this film was obviously in the late 1990s. It makes no sense . . . .

*cough* Back to the subject . . .

Overall, this is an okay film, but it's only worth a bit of your time (maybe one watch of it, but probably not any more than that). Stick with the original.

*EDIT* I have now rewatched the film (now that I own it!), and I've realized that it really isn't as bad as I remembered it was.

(Note: It still doesn't explain how Charlie knows of San Francisco life when he was born and raised in New Orleans in the 1930s, but anywho . . . . different writers, different stuff . . . typical sequel mistake.) It is enjoyable to watch, I will admit. *endEDIT*

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P.C. Unfunny's Review

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posted: Sep 08, 2005
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After a good,yet somehwhat mixed result, of All Dogs Go to Heavean,came this garbage. It was waaay to light hearted after showing such a dark atmosphere of the orginal.I liked in the original in how they mixed real life and fantasy together. Now, its mostly fantasy and extremely annoying. Charlie Sheen's preformance of Charlie Barken was just terrible,I prefer the rougher and more serious voice of Burt Reynolds.And Carface was reduced to a bumbling henchmen, instead of a tough crime boss.And none of the side characters were interesting either.And what sucks the most?NO KILLER!!!!!!!!!

Skip this one, it isn't even worth renting.

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Geezer Gonkess' Review

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posted: Sep 07, 2005
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Downright AWFUL. Both animation and story are dull and ropey. Cruddy songs are thrown in there too. Though I must say the satanic Red is darkly terrifying, particularly when he crunches a rat in his teeth. Other than that, he's a pantomine villain.

Stick to the original. That's better.

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posted: Jan 02, 2005
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I really didn't care for this one. The animation was absolutely awful, and it was worse than most DTVs. I remember a few songs, all of which weren't very good. The voice cast wasn't that great and the plot was predictable. Another thing I noticed was the time frame. This film took place in the 1990's where the original took place in the 1930's. It also show's how itchy get's into heaven. How did he live so long? It never mentions him being there before and finding his life clock and possibly going back. Charlie also, was not as intriguing and although the new voice actor did a fair job, it just wasn't the same. Bringing Charlie back also took away from the sacrifice he made in the first. Shasha was one of the only characters I really enjoyed. Otherwise it's ok to rent, but if you don't see it I don't think you'd miss much.

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lupercal's Review

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posted: Jul 27, 2004
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ADGTH 2 is, in my view, an improvement over Don Bluth's poorly paced original. Certainly the animation is not up to Bluth's opulent standards, but it's a DTV release* with a fraction of the budget, and this time the storytelling is brisk and entertaining.

*well, near enough: I think it screened in about three cinemas in Idaho on a Tuesday afternoon.

As for Charlie Falling for Sasha within a few hours (I think two seconds is more like it), that's entirely consistent with his character. In fact, if I can quote Mr Cranky (and I won't object if this is deleted of course), "This film is about a dog trying to get laid". Well I wouldn't go that far, but I do find it ironic that the original ADGTH often cops criticism for being too adult, whereas critics seem constantly to miss the overt sexual innuendos in this one. In fact there are a few more adult concepts tossed in. The idea of Heaven being intolerably boring is a surprising philosophical position for a kid's film to adopt. Actually, "It's too Heavenly Here" is one of several songs from the film I found myself humming afterwards, ("All Hallelujahs and Hosannahs / It would dirve anyone bananas") whereas I can only remember a single song from, say, 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame', and I don't feel inclined to hum it.

Another thing in its favour are the voice characterisations. I have no problems at all with Charlie Sheen taking over from Burt Reynolds. Borgnine, Dom de Luise and Sheena Easton are all well suited to their characters (even if De Luise sounds the same in every film he voices. He's just so darn good at it.)

The songs are also a lot better than they're generally given credit for. Most of them are more memorable than some of the stuff that was going into blockbusters, and the duet, 'I Will Always be With You' is a terrific ballad, a little reminiscent of 'Somewhere out There' from 'An American Tail', but just as good as any theme songs that Disney or anyone else were putting in their cinema features at the time.

Ok, it's not the 'Citizen Kane' of animated films, but it's no 'Robot Monster', either. On reflection I've upgraded my rating from 2.5 stars to 3. Perhaps this is just personal preference triumphing opver objectivity, but ADGTH2 is really a surprisingly coherent, well-paced and entertaining film, and to me it just proves that eye-popping production values will always take a back to seat to good solid characters and a well told story. I'd much rather watch this again, for instance, than 'Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron', even if the latter _looks_ twice as good.

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Panra's Review

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posted: Jun 04, 2004
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I loved the first film, and in most cases, sequels are never that good. This one...severily got on my nerves. It destroyed the whole concept of Charlie's sacrifice, in my opinion. Plus...Charlie feel for Sasha within...a few hours. The animation was no where near as good as the original. One good thing about the film though was the character of Sasha, I found her very intertaining