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Reviews for 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure

2.5 stars / 8 ratings
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posted: Nov 05, 2011
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it was a good movie. had some flaws and plot holes , but it was still an enjoyable movie. i loved watching it as a kid. the flaws where Lucky's ears. they where both black like pongo's , not white. that was the BIGGEST flaw in it. another flaw was , i thought lucky was the runt ? they acted like patch was the runt , witch he's not . says in the first film. still , i like both films.

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posted: Jun 07, 2008
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I went into this movie with the thought that it would be absolutely horrible and butcher everything I loved about the characters from the first one. Thankfully it didn't. 101 Dalmatians was my absolute favorite movie when I was little. Anyways! The movie was ok...Patch got a bit annoying and I didn't like his voice much. I was a tad irked that they screwed up the patch on Patch to begin with... I mean come on pay attention to your main character!

The story was ok, cliche, but not bad for a sequel. I liked how they built up Thunderbolt's character. His sidekick was annoying and I'm glad he got what he did in the end. The animation wasn't amazing but it wasn't bad either. I didn't like the songs much, they weren't terrible but they weren't good either.

Overall the movie was ok, worth watching if you're bored, but not worth buying unless you can find it for very cheap.

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posted: Apr 26, 2008
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This with Kronk's New Groove and lion king 2 are the best DTV Sequels from disney that I have seen.

Its a realy good adventure film for one.
The look of the film is close to the first dalmations, and maybe one of the few that is close to the movie that came before it.

Thunderbolt was a good choice to put in and bring out to the 101 dalmation world, and lookes like now he's become one of the main characters now because of the film.

Theres not much to say thats bad, I think its a good film through and through. But at times the movie goes over the top to where it's crazy. Then at other times, the humor can be quite witty.

Theres nothing else I can say, I mean everybody else that did a review already pointed out the main points.

But if your a fan of 101 Dalmations try to fine this, it will be more then what you expect.

I am going to try find a copy of this ASAP!

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posted: Jul 01, 2007
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Disney has produced some awful sequels. I'm proud to say that this is not one of them. The storyline is fun, (perhaps even more fun than the first!) and the animation, although not great, still carried a certain amount of style with it.

As for the plot, there's none of the usual direct-to-video cliché of 'main character has a kid that grows up to be a whiny teenager who runs away from home because they can't have what they want blah blah blah whatever.' The plot is actually very original, and it made the movie fun to watch, because it never became predictable.

No, it's not at the same quality as The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, but it is a lot better than some of the tripe that Disney is releasing theatrically.

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posted: Feb 10, 2006
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Hmm, I only saw this one once.

And once was enough.

This sequel (not to be confused with the live-action versions of 101/102 Dalmatians) has its own interesting story: The puppies are all moving to the country, and one puppy, Patch, gets left behind! (oh noes. This makes the title obvious, don't it?) Can Patch meet his idol, Thunderbolt, and still save the day?

Well, isn't it obvious?

Plus, the return of Cruella de Vil . . . *yawn*

Well, I think you can tell I wasn't too impressed by the story. The animation was very good (it looked a tad bit pop art-ish, but it was still good), the new characters weren't too interesting but decent, and the returning characters were okay (Patch was annoying to me; he talked too much. Gah, I felt like someone in the movie should have gagged him or something, but I wouldn't do that.).

This is a fairly decent sequel for 101 Dalmatians, but it's not exactly Disney's best. This is worth one watch (maybe two), but not worth buying.

Two stars from me.

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posted: Jan 06, 2006
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"I might be an eccentric, but I'm no sicko!" - Lars.

Going almost unnoticed after the dire live action movies, this is actually one of Disney's best DTV sequels. It isn't as good as the original, but it's a very decent little movie in its own right.

Roger and Anita (still in early 60's London, with artwork which strikes a nice balance between the sketchy look of the original, and the more vibrant look demanded nowadays) are moving out to a farm in the country.

On moving day however, Patch, one of the puppies, who's going through an insecurity crisis, realises that Thunderbolt, the American superhero Dog who the Puppies all idolised, is in town, and there is some kind of audition going on which might get him to meet his idol. Naturally he bails out of the move at the last minute and Pongo can be forgiven for losing count when moving day comes.

So off Patch goes to meet Thunderbolt (and his soon to be retired corgi sidekick, 'Lightning' - the canine bad guy in this flick). Thunderbolt however is more image and self-adoration than real hero, and until adversity throws them together, he doesn't have any time for the embarressing little runt.

Meanwhile, Cruella has basically gone completely mental since the first movie, and has been released from the asylum with a restraining order. She reminds me a bit of Gloria Swanson as the burned out, crazy ex-star in 'Sunset Boulevard'. She discovers a way of redirecting her pathological obsession with spots, though: a sort of beatnik, avant-garde artist called Lars (voiced by Martin Short), whose canvases are all black spots on white backgrounds. Before long though, her latent madness resurfaces and she tries to kidnap the puppies so Lars can use them as actual canvasses! (that's where he's "I'm no sicko!" line comes in)

Meanwhile Thunderbolt and Patch are left to save the day, each discovering the real hero inside himself.

Thunderbolt is voiced very well by Barry Bostwick (Dammit, Janet), and Jason Alexander from Seinfeld plays Lightning. The animation is of a high quality with CGI only being really noticable when moving vehicles are involved. Otherwise it maintains its original 2D feel.

This isn't a masterpiece, but in the spectrum of Disney sequels, which range from abominations to classics, this is well and truly one of the better ones. Good fun. The trouble is can't you buy it new anymore, so go search on ebay.

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posted: Feb 27, 2005
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I think people have been too generous with the ratings for most Disney DTV's, but 101 Dalmations 2 has a lot of redeeming qualities!

The main storyline is not it, though. Patch feels insignificant surrounded by so many other puppies, and is a fan of Thunderbolt the Wonder Dog. Patch gets a chance to meet the actor who plays Thunderbolt, who thinks his career is winding down, and who is looking for some dramatic publicity. Patch learns, of course, that actors are not the same as the heroes they play, and that Patch himself has what it takes to be a real hero. Ho-hum. We've seen it in a thousand Saturday-morning shows, haven't we? The use of the Twilight Bark was pretty tacked-on, too. It was, like, "This was a real cool part of the first movie so we have to squeeze it in again!"

So, why three stars? Cruella! They went to town on Cruella's substory, and it's surprisingly hilarious. Down and out, and with a restraining order keeping her away from puppies and furriers, Cruella discovers an avant-garde artist named Lars, whose paintings--white canvases with black spots--speak to her.

Sadly, this promising relationship falters over the subject of Dalmatian puppies. (Though, strangely for an avant-garde artist, Lars is not insulted at the supposed suggestion of painting cute puppy portraits!!! What's wrong with the man?)

The Baddun brothers are also active, and take part in a slapstick car chase which does justice to the original film.

This is one of the films due to be removed permanently from circulation soon. If you liked the original film, you ought to see this one while you still have the option of adding it to your library!