animated movie When the Wind Blows © TVC / Recorded Releasing
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When the Wind Blows

Jim and Hilda Bloggs are a pleasant and naive, late middle-aged British couple, looking forward to retirement. At the beginning of the story Jim tells his wife "It looks like there's going to be a war, dear." Jim and Hilda survive the initial nuclear war, and continue uncomplainingly, naively trusting the government's useless nuclear survival brochures and instructions, unaware that they are dying.

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"Molotov's just a cocktail, I think" Coming as a criticism of the fallacy of the government pamphlets (duck and cover and the like), When the Wind Blows - originally a dark...
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Ah yes. I remember this one. And here I thought I was going crazy thinking I was the only one and may have imagined the whole movie. When the Wind...
Created by: TVC, Recorded Releasing
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Peggy Ashcroft ... Hilda
John Mills ... Jim
Robin Houston ... Announcer
Directed by: Jimmy T. Murakami
Produced by: John Coates
Executive Producers: Iain Harvey
Musical Score by: Roger Waters
Writing Credits: Raymond Briggs
Based on: The graphic novel of the same name, by Raymond Briggs
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