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Watership Down

Based on Richard Adams' best-selling novel, this dark tale begins with the little rabbit, Fiver, having a vision about the destruction of their warren (collection of rabbit burrows). He tries to warn the other rabbits, but in the end only his brother, Hazel, and a few others follow him away from their old home. Lead by Fiver's visions of a safe place and guided by Hazel's common-sense wisdom, the group ventures into the frightening world of dogs, foxes, men and dangers found in only their worst nightmares.

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rated it:
I had watched the animated TV series, now I had watched this 1978 film version of the book Watership Down. This film is a true adaptation of...
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rated it:
the prologue was cute but weird, like it belonged but was not exactly necessary. Its a great story with decent-good animation. Its a little brutal at times so...
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rated it:
Watership Down is rather flawed in its adaptation of a wonderful book. That being said, it is still a remarkable film that deserves a place on any fan's DVD shelf....
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rated it:
Watership Down, has huge potential to be a masterpiece but never quite made it. To start off with the positive, Watership Down, is a well-animated movie. The backgrounds are gorgeous and...
Created by: Nepenthe Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada / UK
Featuring the voices of:
John Hurt ... Hazel
Richard Briers ... Fiver
Michael Graham Cox ... Bigwig
John Bennett ... Holly
Roy Kinnear ... Pipkin
Richard O'Callaghan ... Dandelion
Simon Cadell ... Blackberry
Terence Rigby ... Silver
Mary Maddox ... Clover
Harry Andrews ... General Woundwort
Zero Mostel ... Kehaar
Directed by: Martin Rosen
Produced by: Martin Rosen
Musical Score by: Marcus Dods, Angela Morley and Malcolm Williamson
Songs by: Mike Batt
Writing Credits: Martin Rosen
Based on: the book by Richard Adams
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