animated series Watership Down © Decode Entertainment / Alltime / Funbag Animation Studio
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Watership Down

Arriving at their new home on the high lonely hill known as Watership Down, a small group of rabbits from the destroyed Sandalford warren, together with a gull named Keharr and mouse Hannah, start their new lives. Yet the area still holds may enemies, the most dangerous being General Woundwart, and his Owsla of Efrafa. However, if they are to survive the Watership Down warren will need to find and rescue recruits from that very place.

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Is it sad for someone to watch some of the Watership Down TV series before reading the book or even watching the original film? *shrugs* Unfortunately, the USA has only received the...
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I have watched the series when it was on TV, and I have absolutely love it! Like with "Redwall," this series is what got me to read the...
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Some people who have read the book hate both this TV series and the 1978 film. I've read the book, and do not hate them. Maybe because I saw the...
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Ok first things first this is a more suitable Watership Down for children than the book or the film. They completly watered it down. They changed Blackberry into a doe just...
Created by: Decode Entertainment, Alltime, Funbag Animation Studio
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada / UK
Featuring the voices of:
Ian Shaw ... Hazel
Andrew Falvey ... Fiver
Stephen Mangan ... Bigwig
Sue Elliott-Nichols ... Blackberry
Lee Ross ... Hawkbit
Phill Jupitus ... Dandelion
Elliott Henderson-Boyle ... Pipkin
Dawn French ... Buttercup
Kate Ashfield ... Primrose
Stephen Gately ... Blackavar
Rik Mayall ... Keharr
Jane Horrocks ... Hannah
John Hurt ... General Woundwart
Rob Rackstraw ... Captain Campion
David Holt ... Vervain
Stephen Fry ... Cowslip
Tim McInnerny ... Silverweed
Richard Briers ... Captain Broom
Directed by: Troy Sullivan
Produced by: Martin Rosen, Beth Stevenson and Curtis Crawford
Musical Score by: Mike Batt
Theme Music by: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Writing Credits: David Finley
Based on: the novel by Richard Adams

animated series Watership Down © Decode Entertainment / Alltime / Funbag Animation StudioJohn Hurt and Richard Briers starred in the original film version of Watership Down, playing Hazel and Fiver retrospectively. Mike Batt also returned to score the series, his single "Bright Eyes" seeing a return in the theme song, which Stephen Gately - who plays Blackavar - did a cover version of.

Blackberry - left most character in image - has been changed from a buck in the novel and original film, to a doe in this series. The series was followed by the Christmas special "Winter on Watership Down".

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