animated series War Planets © Mainframe Entertainment
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War Planets

"For centuries the planets Bone, Rock, Fire and Ice have raided each otherís home-worlds for the raw elements to survive. From Bone came food; from Rock arose minerals; Fire made energy; while Ice was covered in life-restoring water. But now a new threat is approaching this angry Planet Cluster, a faceless enemy that swarms before devouring, has an appetite for total destruction, and feeds on living planets to fuel its journey. For worlds without end, the end is near. It is the coming of the Beast. Your epic space adventure begins when a princess from a faraway system crash-lands on Ice to deliver a warning: unite your warring worlds or one by one they will fall, and the Beast Planet will cast a shadow of doom over them all. Now, those who believe must take on age-old hatreds and jealousies to form a new planetary Alliance, led by the brave and noble Graveheart of the planet Rock. Move quickly soldiers, before the Beast Planet strikes and eclipses your galaxy!" -- from the YTV website

Created by: Mainframe Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Alternate Title: Shadow Raiders (Canada)
Featuring the voices of:
Paul Dobson ... Graveheart
Enuka Okuma ... Jade
Garry Chalk ... Emperor Femur
Scott McNeil ... Pelvus, Blokk
Mark Oliver ... King Cryos
Tegan Moss ... Lady Zera
Matt Hill ... Prince Pyrus
Jim Byrnes ... Grand Vizier
Donna Yamamoto ... Tekla
Tasha Simms ... Lamprey
Blu Mankuma ... Lord Mantel
John Payne ... Sternum
Janyse Jaud ... Jewelia
Ellen Kennedy ... Zuma
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