flash animation Two Things Human Beings Really Love to Do! © unknown
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Two Things Human Beings Really Love to Do!

Friendly aliens visit Earth to learn about the inhabitants. On their travels, they find two things that human beings really love to do: making love, and making war.

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Even though the text was in Italian and I didnt always fully comprehend what was going on I still enjoyed this toon. There was no back ground music just sound affects...
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I love the look of this short. The stick men combined with this kind of Mayan look to the alien ships and backgrounds. If I have one complaint it is...
Created by: unknown
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: Italy
Alternate Title: Le due cose preferite dagli esseri umani (Italy)
Directed by: Luca Frattini
Writing Credits: Luca Frattini
Animated by: Luca Frattini
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profile by: Neil