short film Tuesday © MPL Communications / High Eagle Productions
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Paul McCartney produced and scored this classically-animated short of frogs leaving their pond to hover through the nearby town, based on the award-winning children's book by David Weisner

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A film of surreal amphibian escapades, beautifully animated! It begins with a turtle swimming through a pond, a nature scene with the feel of a Disney classic. in...
Created by: MPL Communications, High Eagle Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Paul McCartney ... Voice
Dustin Hoffman ... Voice
Directed by: Geoff Dunbar
Produced by: Geoff Dunbar, judith Roberts, Amanda Massa and Robert Stanger
Executive Producers: Paul McCartney
Musical Score by: Paul McCartney
Writing Credits: David Weisner
Animated by: Gabriele Zucchelli, Neil Boyle, Paul Lee, Nicolette Van Gendt, Richard Nye, Barry Hales, Mike Swindell, Gary Andrews and Vince Woodcock
Based on: TUESDAY by David Weisner
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