animated movie Tokyo Godfathers © Madhouse Productions
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Tokyo Godfathers

On Christmas Day, on the streets of Tokyo, three homeless people - Gin, a forty-something year old man, Miyuki, a teenage girl who has run away from her family, and Hana - a religious transvestite who dreams of bearing a child - find an abandoned baby in the snow. Hana, who was also abandoned as a child, takes a passionate interest in the infant's wellbeing, and reluctantly at first, the others join her as they seek to find the child's mother.

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Perhaps my favorite aspect of "Tokyo Godfathers" is that it isn't what you might expect from an anime--really, from an animated movie of any kind. In its own way it...
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I first became aware of Tokyo Godfathers when it caught my eye due to its coincidental similarity to the Triplets of Bellville cover. I assumed it was a Mafia...
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Wow. I had wanted to see this film and check it out. It was worth every cent and more. The basic plot surrounds the three homeless characters and the mysterious crying baby...
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From the director of 'Perfect Blue' comes this acclaimed and offbeat Christmas story about friendship and redemption. Three homeless people - one of them a religiously obsessed transvestite - discover...
Created by: Madhouse Productions
Language: English subtitled / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Toru Emori ... Gin
Yoshiaki Umegaki ... Hana
Aya Okamoto ... Miyuki
Sh˘z˘ ╬zuka ... Oota
Seiz˘ Kat˘ ... 'Mother'
Hiroya Ishimaru ... Yasuo
Ryűji Saikachi ... Old, homeless man
Yűsaku Yara ... Miyuki's Father
Ky˘ko Terase ... Sachiko
Mamiko Noto ... Kiyoko, Gin's Daughter
Akio ďtsuka ... Doctor
Rikiya Koyama ... Bridegroom
Satomi Koorogi ... Ganster's daughter
Mitsuru Ogata ... Hidenari Ugaki
Chiyako Shibahara ... Eriko Kawasaki
Directed by: Satoshi Kon and Sh˘go Furuya
Produced by: Masao Maruyama
Executive Producers: Taro Maki, Shinichi Kobayashi and Masao Takiyama
Musical Score by: Moonriders and Keiichi Suzuki
Writing Credits: Keiko Nobumoto and Satoshi Kon
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