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Titanic: The Animated Movie

Southampton 1912, and the world’s largest transatlantic liner, the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic is being prepped for its maiden voyage to New York City…

Angelica is traveling on the ship to New York with her stepmother and stepsisters, determined to find her real mother, of whom she only has a photo in a locket that she loses prior to boarding – taken by Gaston, another passenger, who has his eyes on ship entertainer Molly. Also boarding is the wealthy William, who falls for Angelica at first sight. Beyond the sight of the humans, Maxie mouse, his family and animal friends board the ship and decide to aid Angelica in reclaiming her lost locket. Also onboard is the famous Detective Sam, on the trail of some notorious jewel thieves.

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OKAY, seriously. WHAT KIND OF EVIL CREATION AM I WATCHING? Titanic: The Animated Movie is just an ugly, disastrous, and extremely horrifying animated flick with horrible writing, horrible characters, and...
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"Titanic: The Animated Movie" takes a idea that has potential (An animated drama) and turns it into one of the most poorly made cartoons. James Cameron would just explode if...
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I’ve seen quite a number of animated films over the years. Some of them have been great, a few excellent ones and a considerable number of middle of the road...
Created by: Titanic Cartoons
Language: English / Italian
Country of Origin: Italy
Alternate Titles: Titanic: The Legend Goes On, Titanic mille e una storia (Italy)
Featuring the voices of:
Lisa Russo ... Angelica
Mark Thompson-Ashworth ... William
Caroline Yung ... Maxie
Gisella Mathews ... Gertrude
Silva Belton ... Bernice
Bianca Alessandra Ara ... Hortense
Veronica Wells ... Corynthia
Jacques Stany ... Gaston
Clive Riche ... Kirk
Doug Meakin ... Dirk
Mickey Knox ... Sam
David Brandon ... Stockard
Kenneth Belton ... The Captain
Pat Starke ... Molly
Jill Tyler ... Victoria
Gregory Snegoff ... Fritz, Geoffrey
Edmund Purdom ... Jeremy McFlannel
Directed by: Camillo Teti
Produced by: Camillo Teti, Gian Paolo Brugnoli and Marco Scaffardi
Musical Score by: Matt McGuire
Writing Credits: Camillo Teti
Based on: The sinking of the Titanic.

Had a limited theatrical release in its home Country of Italy.

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