flash animation There She Is!! © SamBakZa
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There She Is!!

Tales of the forbidden love between an over-affectionate rabbit and a long-suffering cat.

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You'll notice that six out of the eight reviews below use the word "cute" when describing this online short's appeal. Well, yes, "There She Is" is definitely a cute cartoon...might...
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I love it, no pun intended. This little cartoon didn't have or need awesome visuals. Besides, that'd take too long. (I think the second was better as far as animation goes)....
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I thought these shorts were cute and funny and the music was catchy and I love the fact the cat was male other than female as cats are sterotypicly femenine...
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rated it:
Very enjoyable shorts. The stories are simple but entertaining. Even without dialogue they convey the characters emotions well. Some of the scenes the cat finds himself in...
Created by: SamBakZa
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: South Korea
Alternate Title: Ddautta (Korea)
Directed by: Amalloc
Musical Score by: Witches and Bulldog Mansion
Writing Credits: Sogong

The shorts have no dialogue; however, each one has a Korean pop song playing in the background and on-screen text. The latter can be changed from Korean to English at the series' index page.

Although the characters' names aren't mentioned in the actual shorts, the series' official site identifies the cat as Nabi and the rabbit as Doki.

profile by: Neil