animated series The Wind in the Willows © Cosgrove-Hall / Thames Television
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The Wind in the Willows

Fed up with the work of spring-cleaning, Mole sets off into the English countryside and comes across The River. There he meets Rat, and starts on a series of adventures with the residents of The River, including faithful, stouthearted Badger and the merry but impulsive Toad of Toad Hall.

Created by: Cosgrove-Hall, Thames Television
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Alternate Title: Oh! Mr Toad
Featuring the voices of:
Ian Carmichael ... Narrator
Richard Pearson ... Mole
Michael Hordern ... Badger
David Jason ... Toad, Chief Weasel
Peter Sallis ... Rat
Directed by: Mark Hall and Chris Taylor
Produced by: Mark Cosgrove and Brian Hall
Executive Producers: John Hambley
Musical Score by: Keith Hopwood and Malcolm Rowe
Writing Credits: Rosemary Anne Sisson
Based on: The novel by Kenneth Grahame.

The events of the book were made as a feature-length, made-for-TV movie; with the series in production soon after. The series dealt with further stories and adventures. After running for 4 series, a further TV movie “A Tale of Two Toads” was made as well as a final fifth series, re-titled “Oh! Mr Toad” which had a greater emphasize on the feckless amphibian.

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