short film The Victor © Channel 4 (UK) / Animation City
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The Victor

An army conscript fights his way through a series of hallucinatory scenarios in which he is confronted by a series of bizarre attackers - who, one by one, turn out to be his army friends.

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I remember seeing this televised in the early 90's. I remember being gripped when i saw this and it has stuck in my memory, to the point of me hunting...
Created by: Channel 4 (UK), Animation City
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Shaun Curry ... voices
Robert Llewellyn ... voices
David Tate ... Voices
Directed by: Derek Hayes and Phil Austin
Produced by: Mandy Groves
Musical Score by: Dirk Higgins
Writing Credits: Derek Hayes and Phil Austin
Animated by: Gary McCarver, Anna Brockett, Bill Hajee, Gaston Marzio and Kevin Molloy
profile by: Neil