short film The Tree Officer © Ko Lick Films LTD
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The Tree Officer

In this multi-award winning short, Gary Dremmell, passionate about botany and horticulture, is the Tree Officer for a local British Council - a position which each day requires him to condemn local trees to be cut down, as well as dealing with his incompetant staff.

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rated it:
Quite superb British claymation which is actually better than many of Aardman's shorts (not that there is anything wrong with most of those.) I've seen a lot of animation...
Created by: Ko Lick Films LTD
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Peter Clerke ... Gary Dremmel
Noreen Leighton ... Avril
Johnny Meres ... Matt
Directed by: Neil Jack
Produced by: Cameron Fraser
Writing Credits: Neil Jack
profile by: lupercal