animated movie The Tale of Princess Kaguya © Studio Ghibli
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The Tale of Princess Kaguya

A bamboo cutter, Okina, finds a tiny nymph inside a bamboo stalk who is no larger than his finger. He brings her home and she turns into a baby girl which he and his wife, Ona, raise as their own. They name her "Princess", but the other children call her "Takenoko" because of how quickly she grows. When Okina find gold dust and silks in the bamboo forest, he believes that it must be Takenoko's dowry sent from heaven. He and his wife take the girl to Kyoto to be raised as a proper lady, but she longs for simple, pastoral life of her childhood.

Created by: Studio Ghibli
Language: Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
Alternate Title: Kaguyahime no monogatari (Japan)
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Aki Asakura ... Takenoko / Kaguya-hime
Takeo Chii ... Okina
Nobuko Miyamoto ... Ona
Atsuko Takahata ... Sagami
Tatekawa Shinosuke ... Inbe no Akita
Shichinosuke Nakamura II ... Mikado
Kengo Kora ... Sutemaru
Directed by: Isao Takahata
Produced by: Seiichiro Ujiie and Yoshiaki Nishimura
Musical Score by: Joe Hisaishi
Writing Credits: Isao Takahata and Riko Sakaguchi
Based on: 10th century Japanese folktale, "Taketori monogatari"

animated movie The Tale of Princess Kaguya © Studio GhibliWhile the current version of the film took eight years to produce, director Isao Takahata first worked on an aborted version of the film 55 years ago with Tomu Uchida. ~ from

Gkids will be handling distribution in North America and they have a Facebook page for those who wish to remain updated.

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