holiday animation The Snow Queen © Martin Gates Productions / Carrington Productions International
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The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen plots to use her mirror to blot out the Sun’s light and freeze the world, but during the process it shatters. She is forced to recollect the shards to discover that two pieces are inside Tom, a child from a village, who she kidnaps, but keeps him alive when he offers to put the shards back together. Ellie, his sister is told by Peeps, a sparrow, of this happenstance and decides to head to the North Pole in an attempt to rescue him, meeting helpers and ne’er-do-wells along the way…

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A simple comparison between this "film's" screenshot of the titular Queen, and the one from the Soyuzmultfilm Studio feature made in 1957 will pretty much give you everything you need...
Created by: Martin Gates Productions, Carrington Productions International
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Ellie Beaven ... Ellie
David Jason ... Eric
Hugh Laurie ... Peeps
Helen Mirren ... The Snow Queen
Rik Mayall ... Robber King
Julia McKenzie ... The Old Lady, Freda
Imelda Staunton ... Ivy, Angorra
Damian Hunt ... Tom
Zizi Vaigncourt-Strallen ... Polly
Russell Floyd ... Wardrobe
Colin Marsh ... Baggy
Richard Tate ... Les
Rowan D'Albert ... Prince
Scarlett Strallen ... Princess
Gary Martin ... Dimly
Directed by: Martin Gates
Produced by: Martin Gates
Executive Producers: Craig Hemmings and Tom Parkhouse
Musical Score by: Chris Caswell
Songs by: Chris Caswell
Writing Credits: Martin Gates and Sue Radley
Based on: The Story by Hans Christian Anderson
profile by: starlac