short film The Small One © Disney
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The Small One

A young boy tries to honour the promise to his favourite donkey, Small One, that he will sell him to an owner who will love and cherish him as much as he does. But no one wants the scrawny little donkey and, when it looks like Small One will have to end his life at the tanner's, a kind man comes along who needs a gentle donkey to carry his wife to Bethleham...

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Here is a favorite Christmas special from Disney, with great animation and a heart-warming story. I think this special is the only directorial job for Don Bluth before...
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For those in the Christian religion, the holiday of Christmas is quite a big deal, so it's not a surprise that Christmas specials focusing on the birth of Jesus and...
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always loved this film. though it's short it shows the meaning of friendship. small one may be old . be strong enough of to carry Mary and the newborn king....
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Directed by: Don Bluth
Produced by: Don Bluth
Executive Producers: Ron Miller
Musical Score by: Robert F. Brunner
Songs by: Don Bluth and Richard Rich
Writing Credits: Vance Gerry and Pete Young
Based on: the book by Charles Tazewell
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Classic Holiday Stories (vol.9)
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