animated movie The Secret of NIMH © Don Bluth
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The Secret of NIMH

Mrs. Brisby, recent widow of Jonathan Brisby, is a timid field mouse trying very hard to raise her four children on her own. She and her family live on the lands of Farmer Fitzgibbon and every year, just after the frost lifts, the family must leave their home in the fields before the farmer's plow crushes them. This yearly routine is complicated when Mrs. Brisby's youngest son, Timothy, becomes very sick with pneumonia and if he leaves the house, the cold early spring air will kill him. Desperate to save her son's life, Mrs. Brisby must put aside the fears that threaten to overwhelm her and find help, even if it means going to the infamous Rats of NIMH.

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There are and have been many films, which deal on the concept of family-it is a theme that is well known and well accepted by many due to its realistic...
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THE SECRET OF NIMH is Don Bluth's best film so far and I doubt that he will ever make a better one. And even this movie has some problems that...
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One of Don Bluth's best films, "The Secret of NIMH" sought to take American animation to a darker place than the average G-rated Disney film. The animation is lush,...
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The Secret Of NIMH Is The Most Wonderful Film. The Whole Movie Was Great. Including The Ending Credits Flying Dreams Performed By Paul H. Williams. Dom DeLuise Is The Coolest...
Created by: Don Bluth
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Elizabeth Hartman ... Mrs. Brisby
Dom DeLuise ... Jeremy
Arthur Malet ... Mr. Ages
Peter Strauss ... Justin
Hermione Baddeley ... Auntie Shrew
Derek Jacobi ... Nicodemus
Paul Shenar ... Jenner
John Carradine ... Great Owl
Tom Hatten ... Farmer Fitzgibbons
Lucille Bliss ... Mrs. Fitzgibbons
Joshua Lawrence ... Billy Fitzgibbons
Shannen Doherty ... Teresa
Wil Wheaton ... Martin
Ian Fried ... Timmy
Jodi Hicks ... Cynthia
Edie McClurg ... Miss Right
Directed by: Don Bluth
Musical Score by: Jerry Goldsmith
Supervising / Directing Animators: Don Bluth
Based on: the novel, "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH," by Robert C. O'Brien

If "The Secret of NIMH" is based on Robert C. O'Brien's book, "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH", why is our heroine called Mrs. Brisby? Answer, because the Frisbee company--yes, the maker of the flying toy discs--complained to Don Bluth until they got it that way. And apparently, this was after the entire movie had been voiced so there were Frisby's all over the place. Bluth and company changed it to "Brisby", dubbing a 'b' sound in place of the 'f' sound. -- originally in the NIMH issue of ToonTalk

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