animated series The Secret Show © Collingwood O'Hare
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The Secret Show

A rather surreal spoof of late 60's English shows like Patrick McGoohan's 'Danger Man' ('Secret Agent' in the USA), with lashings of 007 and Mission Impossible, 'The Secret Show' starts every episode with the intro to 'The Fluffy Bunny Show', hosted by an amiable grandmother in a rocking chair surrounded by bunnies. However, secret agents swoop onto the set, get rid of Grandma somehow, and when the coast is verifiably clear 'The Secret Show' begins.

Victor Volt and Anna Knight (drawn in deliberately 60's style) are secret agents working for U.Z.Z. Their boss is a geriatric probable madman called Professor Professor. Their direct chief of operations has a new, randomly generated name every day. These are inevitably absurd and embarrassing.

They fight against an organisation known as T.H.E.M., led by the evil Doctor Doctor, and whose members include such arch-criminals as
The Floating Heads, Nanny Poo-Poo, and Helsinki-Man.

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(rating updated oct 09) The Secret show is always worth watching, often funny, and occaisionally hilarious. If it were hilarious more often it might have rated higher. Heavily spoofing late 60's English...
Created by: Collingwood O'Hare
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Featuring the voices of:
Kate Harbour ... Anita Knight
Alan Marriott ... Victor Volt
Rob Rackstraw ... Professor Professor
Keith Wickham ... 'Changed Daily'
Martin Hyder ... Ray
Featuring guest appearances by:
Tom Baker ... Robert Baron
Stephen Fry ... Lucky Leo
Penelope Keith ... Nana Poo-Poo
Felicity Kendall ... Lucy Woo
Series Created by: Tony Collingwood
Directed by: Tony Collingwood and Adrea Tran
Produced by: Christopher O'Hare
Musical Score by: Roger Jackson (2)
Theme Music by: Roger Jackson (2)
Writing Credits: Mark Zaslove, Jimmy Hibbert, Ken Pontac, Tony Collingwood, Baz Hawkins, Mark Holloway, Lee Pressman, Ken Segall, Ben Townsend, Dave Ingham, Paddy Granleese, Laura Beaumont, Paul Larson and David Stafford
Animated by: Paul Daley, Dennis Sisterson and Christian Chessell

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