animated movie The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb © bolexbrothers limited / Lumen Films / Tara
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The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb

A dark retelling of the fairy tale, by the director of 'The Magic Roundabout'. Tom is stolen from his parents by sinister government agents and taken to a terrifying laboratory where mutation experiments are conducted. Escaping, he tries to find his way back to his distraught (human) father, along the way meeting up with other 'little people' like himself who live in the shadow of the grunting, degenerate human giants.

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I'm tempted to give four stars to this stop motion feature film from Britains' Bolex Brothers, but would like to give it a fresh viewing first, as it's a few...
Created by: bolexbrothers limited, Lumen Films, Tara
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: UK / France
Featuring the voices of:
Nick Upton ... Pa Thumb
Deborah Collar ... Ma Thumb
Directed by: Dave Borthwick
Produced by: Richard 'Hutch' Hutchison
Executive Producers: Colin Rose
Musical Score by: Startled Insects
Theme Music by: John Paul Jones
Writing Credits: Dave Borthwick
Animated by: Dave Borthwick, Frank Passingham and Lee Wilton

'Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb' was shot using what appears to be a mixture of stop-motion (for Tom and the other laytex/clay characters) and live footage (for the human characters). However the human characters are actually shot using stop-motion, too - i.e. the actors were 'arranged' frame by frame, the same as the '3D' characters. This was a very demanding process which meant that a simple piece of footage like a smile or facial expression by an actor could take four or five hours to shoot, frame by frame.

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