animated movie The Princess and the Goblin © Siriol Productions / Pannonia Film Company
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The Princess and the Goblin

In a peaceful kingdom, the Princess Irene and the other people who live in her father's castle don't believe in nasty things like goblins. However, the people in the mining village, like the brave peasant boy Kuri, know the goblins are real and live in the deep dark depths of the local mountain. The Goblins hate the humans--or Sun People, as they call them--and come up with a plan to invade the kingdom and enslave the people underground forever. It's up to Kuri and Princess Irene--with the help of Irene's mystical grandmother and her magic shimmering thread--to put a stop to the Goblin's evil plans.

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rated it:
Here is another film that my Aunt Sharon has in her house that I would watch whenever I visit her; and I really enjoyed it, and it...
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Ah, I've almost forgotten about this film! Such a strange and yet magical story with characters that are similar, but different than your usual characters. The animation's not the best of...
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One of the forgotten features of animation, The Princess and the Goblin is actually a surprisingly endearing movie. Expecting it to be terrible might've actually helped it to become...
Created by: Siriol Productions, Pannonia Film Company
Language: English
Country of Origin: Japan / UK / Hungary
Featuring the voices of:
Rik Mayall ... Froglip
Claire Bloom ... Fairy Godmother
Directed by: József Gémes
Executive Producers: Steve Walsh and Marietta Dardái
Musical Score by: István Lerch
Songs by: Chris Stuart and Robin Lyons
Writing Credits: Robin Lyons
Based on: the book by George MacDonald
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