animated movie The Missing Link © Pils Films / Société Nouvelle de Doublage SND
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The Missing Link

Urg (or something like that) is the first human being. Urg is a popular name amongst neanderthals at the time, but he chooses to call himself Stewie Babcock, and after being ejected by his primitive family, spends his time roaming the earth with his occaisional companions Bone, a brontosaurus, and Slick, a Pterodactyl. Along the way he discovers fire, and invents the wheel, golf, and casual sex.

Note: this image is from the French DVD cover, not a screenshot.

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Just to make one thing clear, there are 2 english cuts of the film. One of them is called "B.C. Rock". This cut of the film sounds a bit different...
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rated it:
I wish there were a way to give multiple ratings for this film, because I'm convinced there are at least three different versions of it. The original French (which I...
Created by: Pils Films, Société Nouvelle de Doublage SND
Language: English dub / French
Country of Origin: France / Belgium
Alternate Titles: B.C. Rock (USA), Le Chaînon manquant (France)
[ French ] Featuring the voices of:
Richard Darbois ... Oh
Georges Aminel ... Igua
Roger Carel ... Croak
Philippe Nicaud ... Dragon
Jacques Dacqmine ... Narrator
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
James Vallely ... Stewie Babcock
Joseph Plewa ... Bone
Jonathan Schmock ... Slick
Bill Murray ... Dragon
Directed by: Picha
Produced by: Picha, Michel Gast and Jenny Gérard
Executive Producers: Michael S. Landes and Albert Schwartz
Musical Score by: Alan Brewer and Anna Pepper
Writing Credits: James Vallely, Joseph Plewa, Jonathan Schmock, Picha, Tony Hendra and Christine Neubaur
Animated by: Picha

Selected at Cannes Film Festival. There appear to be two different English language voice casts.

Writers listed (except Picha) are for US version

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