animated movie The Miracle Maker © Cartwn Cymru / Christmas Films
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The Miracle Maker

The film chronicles the later life of Jesus as his spiritual guidance and miracles begin to inspire the people around him. As the people flock to his leadership, those in authority begin to fear him and his growing political power. In the end, the tale draws to its inevitable confrontation between the power of Rome and the power of God.

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It being an early Easter Sunday over here in Britain, I decided to write a review of this animated gem. It tells the story of Jesus according to the Gospel...
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This was an exceptional blend of the most beautiful, detailed claymation I've ever seen and stylized cell animation. It's always difficult to tell this biography in a short time but...
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This is probably the best Jesus movie ever made. The stop motion animation is stunning and the hand drawn animation is some of the best I've ever seen. Ralph Feinnes...
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it's been too long since we've seen the likes of claymation and stop-motion on t.v . last I remember anything like this. was the Rankin-Bass specials. though the the characters...
Created by: Cartwn Cymru, Christmas Films
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK / Russia
Featuring the voices of:
Ralph Fiennes ... Jesus
Michael Bryant ... Voice Of God, the Doctor
Julie Christie ... Rachel
Rebecca Callard ... Tamar
James Frain ... Thomas
Ian Holm ... Pontius Pilate
William Hurt ... Jairus
Anton Lesser ... Herod
Daniel Massey ... Cleopas
Tim McInnerny ... Barabbus
Alfred Molina ... Simon the Pharisee
Bob Peck ... Joseph of Arimathea
Miranda Richardson ... Mary Magdalene
Anthony Sher ... Ben Azra
Ewan Stewart ... Andrew
Ken Stott ... Simon Peter
David Thewlis ... Judas
Directed by: Stanislav Sokolav and Derek Hayes
Produced by: Naomi Jones
Executive Producers: Christopher Grace
Musical Score by: Anne Dudley
Writing Credits: Murray Watts

Although most of the film is done using stop-motion animation, Jesus' visions are illustrated through surreal 2D animation sequences.

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