animated series The Magic Roundabout © BBC / Danot Films
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The Magic Roundabout

The roundabout in the heart of The Magic Garden may not have been overtly magical, but the adventures of the characters who could be found around it every day certainly were. The series concerned the exploits of Dougal, the laconic, sugar-cube addicted dog; Dylan, the very laid-back rabbit, Brian the hyper-snail, Ermintrude the Cow, a comparatively normal girl named Florence, and the completely bizarre 'guardian' of the garden, Zebedee, who basically looked like a moustachioed orange on a spring, and who would arrive at the end of the show to tell everyone that it was 'time for bed'.

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Forget the stupid films and latter day series which are kinda aimed at adults, with all their drug-reference jokes and yadda yadda. The original bw English series was low budget...
Created by: BBC, Danot Films
Language: English / French
Country of Origin: UK / France
Alternate Title: Le Mančge enchanté (France)
Featuring the voices of:
Eric Thompson ... Narrator and all voices (1965-1977)
Nigel Planer ... Narrator and all voices (1991)
Series Created by: Serge Danot
Directed by: Serge Danot and Ivor Wood
Produced by: Eric Thompson
Writing Credits: Eric Thompson
Animated by: Ivor Wood

Originally a French show, though animated by Englishman Ivor Wood. When the show arrived at the BBC for dubbing into English, Eric Thompson ignored the original scripts completely, and made up the new stories off the top of his head. The 5 minute show ran for 12 years in England to enormous ratings, with a further 39 'undiscovered' episodes broadcast in 1991.

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