animated movie The Magic Pudding © Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) / Energee Entertainment / Icon Entertainment / New South Wales Film & Television Office
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The Magic Pudding

Bunyip Bluegum is a koala bear who has lost his parents and can't find them. While many of his friends and relatives fear that Bunyip's folks are dead, Bunyip is certain they're still alive, and sets out on the road to find them. In his travels, Bunyip makes several new friends, including landlocked sailor Bill Barnacle, a penguin named Sam Sawnoff, and Albert, a magical pudding who can change flavors and never runs out, no matter how much people eat him. But the mean-spirited wombat Buncle discovers Albert and decides he wants the magical pudding all for himself, and Sam, Bill, and Bunyip must come to his rescue.

- New York Times

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rated it:
This is a strange film and at first I was under the impression that it was either; a) a TV special, b) a TV movie or c) some sort of...
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Geoffrey Rush, Sam Neill, John Cleese, Hugo Weaving, and a host of Australian talent you may not have heard of voice this 2000 movie, which had a big budget for...
Created by: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Energee Entertainment, Icon Entertainment, New South Wales Film & Television Office
Language: English
Country of Origin: Australia
Featuring the voices of:
John Cleese ... Albert, the Magic Pudding
Geoffrey Rush ... Bunyip Bluegum
Sam Neill ... Sam Sawnoff
Hugo Weaving ... Bill Barnacle
Toni Collette ... Meg Bluegum
Jack Thompson ... Buncle
Dave Gibson ... Uncle Wattleberry
Mary Coustas ... Ginger
John Laws ... Rumpus Bumpus
Directed by: Karl Zwicky
Produced by: Gerry Travers
Executive Producers: Paddy Conroy and Bruce Davey
Musical Score by: Chris Harriot
Songs by: Chris Harriot and Dennis Watkins
Writing Credits: Harry Cripps, Greg Haddrick and Simon Hopkinson
Animated by: Robert Smit
Based on: The story by Norman Lindsay
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(region 4)
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